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Day Two after Gastric – Dramatic Improvements

Still taking notes I’ll post later on my site. Last night wasn’t so great; the nurse on duty told me I was doing really well with my fluids and that I could go ahead and drink those two ounces of Loritab she brought in. That stuff tastes horrible, I asked for something to wash the taste down and drank a little water and instantly threw up. Obviously I shouldn’t have drunk that Loritab that fast. I didn’t throw up the medicine though just the water, that’s good.  Jason is so incredible, standing there holding the blanket for me while I throw up into it. Pushing my hair back, holding my hand, when push comes to shove this Man is amazing. I am  blessed to have such amazing and supportive people in my life and there are some I haven’t even told you all about yet that I have gained along the way.

I feel horrible after throwing up. It is going to be awhile before I can drink anything again, before I want to try to even. We’ll go for walks though. Jason has finally found a way to get me comfortable in the bed and actually get me a bit of sleep.  This is the first real sleep I’ve had in days, and it’s good sleep, Jason has me comfortable in the bed, my iPod is playing music that is helping me stay asleep, old school New Kids on the Block music is making me feel good, I hate this catheter and I want it out. Jason is such a good advocate for me when it comes to Doctors, he is getting frustrated with the urine thing, he doesn’t believe they are giving me enough fluids and he’s letting them know that.

Today is a better day though. I’m rested, smiling and drinking like a champ again when the Surgeon comes in. She’s glad that I’m doing so much better. Says I could probably go home today but she is a bit concerned because I am still dehydrated. She doesn’t want to send me home like that, in case there are a few hours I don’t feel like drinking and then I end up dehydrated and she has to readmit me. Would rather keep me another day make sure I am good and hydrated and then send me home. Says I can go home before noon tomorrow. I’m going home without any diabetic medications! No insulin! No Avandia! No Lisinapril! This is so amazing! \o/ No Meds! \o/ No Meds! \o/ No Meds! The Catheter is coming out too! Rock on! Rock on! Only bad news she has is that the anti depressant I was taking isn’t crushable and they are going to switch me to a different one that will have to be crushed to take it. I’ve got two scripts to go home with the pain med and the antidepressant.

Nurse just brought in the Effexor the doctor changed me to, crushed in an ounce of water, it made me nauseous right away, gawd it’s terrible. I can’t handle any smells right now. They think it was the nasty ass taste of the crushed up meds that made me sick, I don’t think so; I think it was the medicine itself. I’ve been nauseous for almost 6 hours now. I’ve had about three different anti nausea medications through IV and I’m still feeling nauseous. They took all my liquids away for a few hours, who cares I didn’t want to swallow anything. They brought in some of that Loritab and wanted me to drink it; I had to ask for IV pain meds again because just the smell of that stuff made me want to heave. I had to ask them to keep my door closed, all kinds of smells are making me want to hurl right now, my smell is hyper sensitive, this is horrible, please let it be over soon.

I’m resting comfy in bed, sleeping quite a bit now that Jason found me a comfy position, the ipod is shutting everything else out. The catheter is out, but I’m still having a little bit of a problem going to the bathroom. Night shift nurses just came in. My two favorite nurses so far. I adore these two, they are listening when I tell them how I feel and what happened that I got all nauseous, going to get me some Tramadol and some more anti nausea meds, thanks ladies! Just an hour or so later and I finally feel WAY WAY better! I peed! I walked! I’m drinking again! And I even FARTED! Never thought I would be so happy to fart in all my life! \O/ Fart! \O/ Fart! \O/ Fart! I’m so ready to go home now! I got this! I feel great! Tomorrow here I come!! Home here I come! \O/

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