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Day Three after Gastric Bypass – Time to go home

It’s my last day in the hospital and I’m ready to go home. I feel amazing; my nurses last night Tammy and Kristen were absolutely the most amazing nurses I have had during my stay in the hospital. They made sure that they listened to everything I said and by the end of the night they had me feeling 100% better, I wasn’t nauseous anymore, I was able to go pee all on my own and I was able to move around enough and walk fast enough that I finally got my first few farts out. Crude I know, but a necessary crudeness after weight loss surgery, farting is important because gas pains are more painful than anything else I have experienced after surgery to date. #1 Lesson of the day; Gas pains suck after Laparoscopic surgery.

My Surgeon is off today but her Colleague was in the room early this morning as promised and signed the orders to send me home. We decided to discontinue the Effexor since that stuff made me so sick yesterday and I will take that up with my Primary Care Physician after I get home, but for now, we’ll just send me home, on get this NOTHING but pain meds. I came in here on so three different medications to treat my diabetes, a few other pills for aches and pains and some meds for depression and anxiety and really the last two are the only ones I feel like I will need to discuss with my Primary Care Physician to discuss how we are going to handle, after the surgery. I haven’t even begun the real weight loss journey here and quite honestly I already feel like a success story.

I’m impressed with Jason and me. After having some experience with how difficult things were for me after my hysterectomy, we sort of knew what to expect with me a bit after having surgery this time around, we sent the puppy to the sitter for a few days so he wasn’t at home for me to worry about, we made sure there was nothing Jason had to be rushing home to take care of and that I could be his main focus, and we knew to bring a step ladder to get me in that Monster Truck that Jason drives, because me using my upper body to lift myself into that truck would have been painful. The nurse was so impressed when she wheeled me out and Jason took that step ladder out and she watched me step right up into that big truck like it was nothing. Yes, we did well; I give us a lot of credit for our levels of preparation for this surgery.

We stopped at Safeway on the way home to pick up some groceries for Jason so there was food in the house and to grab a couple things I didn’t pick up before surgery, some milk, some Greek yogurt, some diet cranberry juice. (Okay I did pick that up but I drank in all in the two days before surgery!) Once we got home Jason got me settled in on the couch, made sure I was comfy and then headed to the Pharmacy to get my pain meds filled. While he was gone our Puppy sitter brought Odin back. Of course I had to wince a little when Odin jumped up on the couch next to me so excited to see me and thought my tummy was a great place to stand to lick and kiss my face. We’re going to have to teach him to “be gentle” with mommy in the next few days. He learns quickly though, such a good smart dog.

It’s Friday and Jason and I have the weekend left before he heads back to work on Monday and our little adventure with his foot and my weight loss surgery starts to come to a close. I think the agenda this weekend is a lot of movies, a lot of hand holding, a lot of kisses, and a lot of thanking each other for being so wonderful and for being there to take care of us when the other needed it.

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