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Home from the Hospital – The Panic sets in

I’m getting a bit nervous. Today is my second day home and I’m a bit scared about the amount of liquids I can drink. It seems like ALOT to me.

I am on full liquids and supposed to be trying to get 50-60 grams of protein per day. This is what I had yesterday.

8oz protein drink made with skim milk 3o grams of protein in mix 9 in milk.
4oz tomato soup made with skim milk & added skim milk mix for extra protein.

That gave me 5 more grams of protein
Then I had about 2oz of yogurt that got me about 2.5 grams of protein.

I was able to drink about 30 oz of water or clear liquids and about 8 oz of tomato juice throughout the day.

Now today I’ve been up for about 9 hours dozing on and off and sipping CONSTANTLY. I have a little tickle in my throat that is making me cough if I don’t kern drinking.

So far today I’ve had:

8oz of protein mixed with water – 35 grams of protein.
12 oz of 1/2 diet cranberry juice 1/2 water.
12 oz of decaf tea with milk & splenda.
4 oz of tomato juice.
4oz tomato soup made with skim milk & added skim milk mix for extra protein.

I seem to be able to drink 2-3 oz of liquid pretty quickly (like in 5-8min) without getting that “full” feeling.

Is this bad? I’m a little scared I can drink too much.
Does this mean I will be able to eat too much right away too?

I am so scared I am going to mess this up or that I am going to fail.

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