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Returning to Running – 10 weeks off 3 weeks on and happy

DssButton125So Monday started Week 03 of the #20Week2Tink Training Program we are doing leading up to our partition in the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend in Anaheim, CA. – Thanks to our Team Sponsors Dawn Brell, the winner of the [How do YOU Celebrate Success Contest] and I are participating in one of the neatest WLS Fitness oriented events we possibly could.

Not only our we working together towards our goal of accomplishing this half marathon, but we have an entire team of people working on training for the same goal with us virtually, all supporting each other in the [ I Tink I can Virtual Event ]

So let me see if I have met the requirements for my first two weeks of the training program. Keep in mind that this is also my third week off the bench since my last round of reconstructive plastic surgery which took place on July 10th and August 7th


photo2Week 01: We had a scheduled mileage of 13.0 for the week and I came in 4.84 miles ahead with a total mileage of 19.84 for the week.  I met the pace requirement for the Tinker Bell on two of my four cardio workouts this week.  My Total mileage in the #iTINKiCan Event is 19.84

Week 02: We had a schedule mileage of 13.0 for the week and I came in at 1.6 miles over with a total mileage of 14.60 for the week.  I met the pace requirement for the Tinker Bell on two of my four cardio workouts this week. My Total mileage in the #iTINKiCan Event is 34.43

+ I additionally added in resistance training on two separate occasions this week.

Let’s talk a little about how I have worked myself back into my cardio routine and what is planned as I start three.

First of all, I have recognized that my schedule needs to be adjusted in order for it to work for me. I’ve always enjoyed two consecutive rest days and I’ve always had a hectic schedule on weekends which means that if I can reserve Saturday and Sunday fitness for leisurely activities I will do better.

This week is the last week that I am doing a 4 day schedule. I have been limited myself to 4 days of exercise a week for the first 4 weeks of adding exercise back into my day coming off the bench for 10 weeks.  In order to accommodate for my weekend, I am moving my rest days back to Saturday, Sunday, and for this week, will include Monday as well.

This week I will be doing 4 cardio sessions and the minimum 2 resistance training sessions.

My first week off the bench I did really nothing but at but walk, just a very simple, slow and steady walk. My walks started out really slow, 18-20 minute plus walks. That was fine; I just needed by body to get used to moving again.  That first week I put 14 miles on my new shoes [Pace Setter Athletic] put on my feet.

My second week off the bench I started jogging on soft ground. That was Week 01 of our #20Week2Tink Training Program and I started adding a half mile jog in the middle of my workout, nothing too crazy, and nothing that caused my body to hurt as I attempted it.

My third week off the bench, I doubled the distance I was running in the middle on my outdoor jogs from a half a mile to about a mile and I changed my Treadmill workout from the 60 second runs at the top of every 5 minutes that I did the last week to a 2.5 minute walked at an increasing tempo and then the remainder of time running as much as I can until I get to 1 mile. I had to take a couple small walk breaks in there, my first mile came out at 13:09 and my second mile came in at 12:37.

This week I will be shooting to accomplish 3 – 3 min off – 10 min on run sets on the treadmill with a walk pace of 3.8, 3.9, and 4.0 and  a run pace of 5.0, 5.1 and 5.3 – I also intend to add some level ground jogging back into my outdoor run.

photoMy resistance training workouts this week are going to be coming in the form of my dear friend, mentor and all around amazing guy (I’m not sure if he is single ladies but I can ask him for you) Bobby Whisnand’s Brand new video program [It’s All Heart] – I’ve had access to the program for a few weeks now and got to look it over a bit. But I just got my official it’s All Heart DVD Package with all the Gear you need to get started in the mail last week and this week, oh it’s on, it’s on, it’s on. I’m so excited to start this program!

Week 03: is underway and because I am moving my rest days around today is actually what will be my long run day, so I have a 5 miler to do today. Being Monday today is also “Me Day.” Monday is my one guaranteed day off real life work each week, my day to sit around and do whatever I want. Luckily for me “What I want” usually includes fitness and lately, I’ve been sharing my exercise time with different friends as I try to stay in touch, so those long Monday runs, are my dedicated “Me Day Runs” – Run’s where nobody gets to talk to me and I just get to spend some time with my feet hitting the ground, enjoying the peaceful silence that I so rarely achieve in my mind and talking to my Father about whatever is going on in my life.

Also on this week’s agenda is some study time, a massage and anything else I want to squeeze in before on my “Reward Day” before I eat live and breathe work and studying and exercise for four days solid and prepare for my first ever mud run / obstacle course the Kiss Me Dirty on Saturday.

Yes I did just say I needed to re-organize my schedule so that I had the weekends off from long cardio workouts because I work so much. But I’m also allowing myself one if not two Saturdays or Sundays each month to participate in fitness events. That is until I start hosting them…

Oh snap! Did I say that outloud? Oh coming soon, coming soon.

Let me take a moment to thank the Team Slender Seeker Sponsors without whom none of this would be possible. Stay tuned next week for an update from Dawn regarding how she is doing in our little journey together.


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Obesity Action Coalition Second Annual Convention #YWM2013

This gallery contains 73 photos.

So I am back in Oregon after attending the Obesity Action Coalition’s second annual Your Weight Matters Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Things have settled down a little. I had a few days with friends to unwind and now it is time to tell you about the amazing adventure that I had in Phoenix.


We arrived on Wednesday flying in with my friend Kesha from Waning Woman and enough bags to likely provide clothes for all of our friends at the event, for a day or so at least! What can I say; we’re women who like clothes and shoes! Once we negotiated all our bags into a van we headed for the Arizona Grand Resort and got checked in.

Thursday morning I was up early and having a hard time sleeping due to the stitches that were still in my chest and left arm pit after having a little nip tuck a week or so prior. Despite my sleep deprivation; I was alive and alert and enthusiastic about being there by the time Advocacy Training rolled around. Next up, it was a crunch to rush back to the room to get dressed and steal an hour to participate in a live tweet session with Chris and Heidi Powell while eating dinner. Once I had fuel it was time to head to the OAC Member Mingle and the evening discussion “Teaming up to Tackle Obesity” with NSF players Corey Louchiey and James Throton. I sat next to Nikii from Bariatric Foodie and Joy from Kosher Bariatric and we had a great evening laughing at their humor as the two men shared their story about their with battle obesity.

August 2013 270

Friday morning I got up early to go help out my friend Michelle from The World According to Eggface with the morning walk she was leading and get everyone warmed up. Notice my Bobby Whisnand “It’s All Heart T-Shirt” – in the photo to the right, ( I gotta show my mentor some love) – After getting everyone warmed up I decided to join the walk. Of course, as the walk ended I was busted by none other than my dear friend, bariatric surgery coordinator and nurse Tammy Beaumont, who quickly sent me to my room to shower and clean the glistening sheen of sweat off my stitches. I listened to a whole lot of lectures about Pandora overdoing it over breakfast that morning; and likely deserved each one. Then it was time for the Convention to begin…

I could list the sessions of the day and go through each one in detail, but I won’t, instead I will share pieces of information later as we go a little at a time with you. What I will say is that my favorite speaker of the Friday educational sessions was definitely Merrill Littleberry. Her talk on “Who’s Staring back at You in the Mirror? Improving Self-Perceptions,” hit home big time for me when she displayed a list of negative quotes some people had said about some of the worlds most famous people who turned out to do some truly amazing things. It drove home my recent revelation that I needed to change my direction a little and be more about my vision than anyone else’s vision for me.

I must say, Dr. Gary D. Foster and his Saturday talk on “Weighing Success Beyond the Scale: Identifying and Maintaining and Healthy Weight” was quite possible my favorite topic of the entire convention. I felt privileged to sit in a room as so many of my peers heard the message that Dr. Robert Kushner was able to pass to me last year and finally start to see that that last 10 lb. they might be chasing could be the difference between a “dream weight” and a “healthy weight” and that our success is categorized by more than a number on a scale or chart.

Friday evening’s party was fun and amazing and boy did Kesha and I rock those Ursula costumes … what a night.  It was so fun seeing so many people all dressed up. I think Tammy and Joy had my favorite costumes on with the Tom Hanks, Castaway character and his trusted volleyball. The Sponge Bob Squarepants costume rocked as well, and the Pirates were amazing! I spent some time on the dance floor wiggling my booty and avoiding flying volleyballs for a while, but it had been a long day for me, I was exhausted and tired and it was time for this octopus to get some sleep. (The face make up did come off first though.)

Saturday morning came earlier than I expected and the sessions seemed to zoom by and I really didn’t feel like I had nearly enough time to hit the vendor booths and really talk to folks. I was able to say hi to some of my favorite Vitamin Companies, the folks at Celebrate VitaminsAmeriWell and Bari-Life and of course my two favorite protein powder companies Chike and Bi-Pro.  I also got to meet the folks at Quest and Perky Jerky, and the two best peanut butter products on the market were there, PB2 and Better Butter.

Of course Celebrate Vitamins  is my favorite one on that list because they are “How do YOU Celebrate Success” Contest Sponsors.

Before I knew it Saturday afternoon was upon us. I had the amazing opportunity of sitting at Dr. Al Aly’s table for lunch with the experts and listen to him answer people’s questions about reconstructive surgery, skin removal, and body contouring after massive weight loss. I attended Dr. Gary D. Foster’s afternoon session “Channeling Stress: Healthy Outlets to Replace the Calories,” and Dr. Sean G. Connolly’s “Who’s In Control? The Science Behind Willpower,” before rushing off to the Saturday Afternoon General Session – “Expectations of Your Body after Weight-loss: Plastic Surgery and Other Options,” discussion where I was member of the panel. This was my first time being asked to speak at an OAC event and it was so exciting and scary at the same time. I truly felt out of my league up there amongst such esteemed professionals. But it was over before I knew it and Saturday night was upon us. The awards dinner was underway and we were all looking fabulous!

The awards dinner is actually a sad night for me. It’s the prelude to good-bye which is just around the corner the next morning. Even though I was excited to get a peek at the #YWM2013 Convention wrap-up video that they put together to show us, at the same time it brings tears to my eyes knowing there are some many people I love in this community that I won’t get to see again until next year.


RainbowBriteSunday morning came too early and the Walk from Obesity where I was grounded from participating because I still had stitches and wasn’t supposed to get sweaty, in Phoenix, Arizona, in August began. (Yeah Right! Like this was even possible it was 110 outside!) I was dressed up like some sort Rainbow Brite and Punky Brewster love child, and participating via loan of a little scooter thanks to the very thoughtful Kristy Kuna at the Obesity Action Coalition. I managed to snap a few quick pictures at the walk then I did a video testimonial and then rushed up to the room so Tammy could yank my stitches out before she had to leave. Our Sunday afternoon consisted of Ethiopian food and tearful goodbyes as I had to start leaving people I likely won’t see for another year or so if not longer and close friends I made in Dallas and am going to miss dearly now that I am back in Portland, OR on a regular basis.

I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people in Phoenix, Arizona at the Second Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention, and I can’t wait to bring you more up to date news and information from the OAC and the YWM2014 Convention as it becomes available.

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is the ONLY non-profit organization whose sole focus is representing individuals affected by obesity. If you are affected by obesity or care for individuals affected, I ask that you join the OAC today and help us strengthen our voice. Together we DO make a difference.

I am a proud Member, Trained Advocate and Supporter of the OAC


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