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Bumping up the Exercise & Creating a Calorie Deficit

This week has been a pretty killer week for me. But man this morning me and the alarm on my cell phone were having a love hate relationship. I knew when I got home from the gym yesterday afternoon that my body was a little upset with me. Unlike a normal week were I work out Monday-Friday and take off Saturday and Sunday, I knew that the surgery is just around the corner and I wanted to get every shred of exercise I could in. The Doctor told me not to exercise the day before surgery (Monday) so I decided to take off one day during the middle of the week and then work out every other day.

All day yesterday my body was going HEY! IT’S SATURDAY! IT’S MY DAY OFF! COME ON STOP THAT!

But, just like I yell at my body when it tries to convince me that I am hungry and that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE SOME FOOD… I just yelled at it yesterday and told it to suck it up and take it.

I went to bed last night at about 9:00pm, an unheard of time for this consistent night owl. But my body was screaming for some rest and I was willing to oblige, of course I sent an alarm for midnight to get me up for my late night swim. Midnight came and went, 1:00am came and went, and finally at 2:00am this morning I forced myself out of bed and forced myself to get up and head to the gym. I was so late that I missed my friend Janet who wasn’t even supposed to swim tonight and went in just to see me, and I felt so bad, but I still got my ass in the pool and swam a half a mile.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I was being a lazy wimp right? Having to force myself to get up and exercise like that, but on the contrary, I’ve worked my little ass off this week. The last time that we talked about my exercise routine was back in August. Well it’s changed quite a bit since then. Let me show outline what my typical exercise week as been for the majority of September and October.

Monday – Friday

  • Treadmill 65 min – Speed from 2.7-3.0 in 20 min intervals + Cool down = 3 miles
  • Swimming 60 min – 20 laps = Just over .50 miles

Saturday/Sunday – Off Days

According to and their Calories Burned Calculator which claims to be the most accurate on the internet, walking 3 miles in 65 minutes is burning 538 calories for me. Swimming for 60 minutes at a moderate speed is burning 925 calories for me for a grand total of 1462 calories a day.

Now this last week I got a little crazy, a couple of things changed; first someone mentioned to me that at some point I should consider walking a 5k. I laughed and told them I had a ways to go before I could do that. Then I looked up the distance of a 5k on the internet and guess what! A 5k is only 3.1 miles! So now I added an extra .1 miles to my walking time just so that I can say I walk a 5k five days a week!

Also for some reason I got a bug up my butt this week and decided to prove to myself that I could swim an entire mile. Now some of this came from the fact that I split my exercise up during the day again and I am doing my walking first thing when I get up and then swimming at night, so I have a bit more energy at night in the pool than I did when I had just walked 3 miles before getting in. But here is a breakdown of this week’s workout.


  • Treadmill 65 min – Speed from 2.7-3.0 in 20 min intervals + Cool down = 3 miles
  • Swimming 60 min – 20 laps = Just over .50 miles

Tuesday – Thursday – Friday

  • Treadmill 65 min – Speed from 2.7-3.0 in 20 min intervals + Cool down = 3.1 miles
  • Swimming 60 min – 35 laps = 1 Mile

Wednesday – Off Day


  • Treadmill 65 min – Speed from 2.7-3.0 in 20 min intervals + Cool down = 3.1 miles
  • Swimming 60 min – 20 laps = Just over .50 miles


  • Treadmill 65 min – Speed from 2.7-3.0 in 20 min intervals + Cool down = 3.1 miles
  • Swimming 60 min – 35 laps = 1 Mile

So on the days when I swam a mile I burned 1849 Calories swimming instead of 925 for a daily total with the walking of 2386 Calories.

With my current diet I am taking in about 900 Calories a day, and according to the Mifflin Equation, with an activity level of Mostly Seated with Some Movement, at my weight I burn 2225 Calories per day. That’s a grand total of 4611 Calories a day with puts me at -3700 or so after the 900 Calories I am taking in. At this rate I should be losing almost 1lb a day! Woot Woot! Can’t wait to see where I am at when I weigh in Tuesday morning.

Exercise and Me – What I’m doing in the Gym Pre-Op

So several people in my life that are keeping up with my blog for info on what is going on with me in regards to my surgery have asked quite a bit about what I am doing for my exercise routine.

When I started exercising a few months ago, I set out to walk a mile a day from the start. It took me about 30 minutes to do that at first, and I think I started walking at about 2.3 MPH. Definitely not FAST really, but it’s pretty fast for someone that weights 395lbs and I can tell you this, I was sure as hell huffing and puffing and sweating before I was done.

As time has gone by I have tried to bump the speed up now I’m walking at about 2.5 MPD and I’m walking 5 days a week, but changing the amount of time that I walk each day. On Mondays and Fridays I walk for 60 minutes now. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I walk for 45 minutes and on Wednesdays I walk for 30 minutes. I am still getting just over a mile in the 30 minutes, about a mile and a half on the days I do 45 minutes and about 2 miles on the days that I do an hour. That is getting me about a total of 8 miles a week right now. According to FitDay I’m burning about 312 calories in an hour of walking at 2.5 miles per hour. Now I’m not sure if that is completely accurate, the treadmills at the gym have a higher count when I input my weight, but then I am going faster than 2.5 MPH at some points too.

I’ve also added Swimming to my routine, which I am trying to do 3 nights a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’ve been swimming for about 30 minutes or so and doing about 9 laps which is equal do about ¼ a mile a night. I rotate between swimming in I guess what people would call a frog stroke (trying to get my upper arms some exercise by making them pull my body through the water) and then using a kick paddle on the next lap to keep my legs moving. I just go back and forth with these two lap styles, doing on then the other until my 30 minutes is up. According to FitDay, If I am swimming for 30 minutes doing “Slow, moderate or light effort” laps, I am burning 364 calories in 30 minutes of swimming .25 miles.

So basically as a break down this is what my week of exercise is looking like right now.

  • Sunday – Off
  • Monday – Treadmill 60 Minutes @ Approx 2.5 MPH
  • Tuesday – Treadmill 45 Minutes @ Approx 2.5 MPH & Swimming 30 Minutes .25 Miles
  • Wednesday – Treadmill 30 Minutes @ Approx 2.5 MPH & Swimming 30 Minutes .25 Miles
  • Thursday – Treadmill 45 Minutes @ Approx 2.5 MPH & Swimming 30 Minutes .25 Miles
  • Friday – Treadmill 60 Minutes @ Approx 2.5 MPH
  • Saturday – Off

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