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CHIKE gives me the confidence to make a 2013 Protein Goal

Alright my friends. 2013 is here and I have promised myself that this will be the biggest year yet for me. I’ve made goals and resolutions. One of my big personal goals this year is to make sure that I incorporate more Protein drinks into my routine. Protein drinks are really important for me when I am exercising hard. When I start really pushing it in the gym I NEED that protein drink each day or I start feeling lethargic and fatigued.

IMG_1570Now let me tell you two the two biggest obstacles I have with this goal.

  1. I hate the taste of protein drinks.
  2. I am protein drink retarded, or spoiled, depends on how you look at it.

I have never tasted a protein powder that I could actually take out of the package, mix and drink and here is the key…. actually enjoy!  I have never successfully made a protein shake that I liked, not from a recipe, not from my own creation.

I’m two years and three months post op and the only protein shakes I have ever enjoyed the taste of are ones that my Hunnie makes for me. I’ll get handed this huge 7-11 big gulp size protein shakes that take me nearly two hours to drink and it will taste delicious and I’ll ask what is in it and it is usually a combination of: non-fat milk, ice, Splenda, some sort of fruit, and some sort of additional flavoring like a Torani Sugar Free syrup flavor. They are always amazing. Once in a while there will be a piece of sugar-free candy blended up in it as well. All things that I would think to put in a shake, but when I do it, it comes out horrible.


Now all that said.. for me to make a resolution that i believe I can commit too, where I will actually try to drink a protein shake every day that I exercise this year I knew that I needed to be able to have a protein option that I can actually make myself. So let me introduce to you the reason that I was confident enough to make this new goal….one word. CHIKE

CHIKE has shocked me. I have used ONE brand of protein powder for nearly three years now, I’ve been doing protein shakes since early pre op. Back in the summer of 2010 when I was working towards meeting the pre-op requirements for my Gastric Bypass I ordered sample packs from most of the major protein powder companies that were out. I tried flavors and flavors and repeatedly I took a sip, wrinkled my nose and shook my head. I’d drink it to get the protein I needed in but I hated ever moment of it. When I finally realized that hey, I just hate the taste of protein, I settled in on a cheap protein powder that I could buy in mass volumes at Costco, bought two flavors, vanilla and chocolate and dressed it up with other stuff so that it was passably drinkable.


That said I like protein shake like I like my coffee, dressed up, fancy and fun. I don’t go to Starbucks and order a regular coffee. I get a latte, steamed milk, usually flavored. I like my protein the same way. I like it mixed with milk not water, I like it dressed up and spruced up. But my base is ALWAYS vanilla or chocolate.

When CHIKE sent me a sample basket of their Protein Powders the first thing I did was roll my nose at the banana and orange flavored ones they included. I decided to use the banana first, just to get the most disgusting sounding experiment out-of-the-way. I decided to go for a little Pina Colada type thing, added some coconut meat, non-fat milk, Splenda and some Sugar Free Coconut Syrup blended it up with the Kitchen Aid Handheld Mixer I got for Christmas and … Holy cow it tasted better than the protein shakes I like to order at Jamba Juice when I’m out.

in fact it was so good that I decided to get a little bit brave and try the Chocolate flavored one on its own. Well relatively. I added a cup of non-fat milk, a cup of ice, and a tablespoon of Splenda. I whizzed it up in my Ninja and the first drink I took had this taste, the kind that you title your head to the side over and kinda go hmm, this reminds me of something, what is it. It took me three drinks before it dawned on me. It reminded me of a Wendy’s Frosty. Now I haven’t had a Wendy’s Frosty in years, I might not accurately remember what they taste like, but THAT is what it reminded me off and it was delicious. I used to get Frosty’s at Wendy’s anytime we ate there. I used to dip my french fries in them, I loved them.

8148911255_fc780b6108Now I will admit, CHIKE had already won me over. When I met Remy and Jason at the CHIKE Booth at the OAC Convention last October they really impressed me. And their Iced Coffee Protein Drink, is by far, my absolute favorite. I tasted it for the first time at the Convention and I’ve been in love ever since. If I could afford to order a daily supply I would! I could live on this one alone.

I have been searching and searching for a protein powder that I really liked. Not one that I could tolerate, but one that I would look forward too. Along comes CHIKE Iced Coffee Protein that makes me feel like I’m enjoying a Starbucks Frapachino ( something else I haven’t had in years ) and a Chocolate Protein powder that makes me feel like I’m having a fast food restaurant milk shake. And they are HEALTHY.

DSS5StarI’ll be putting in my order for a tub of CHIKE Chocolate Bliss protein just as soon as I finish making my way through the ginormous bag of chocolate protein powder I bought at Costco. But in the mean time I’m gonna order myself 15 packets of the coffee, at least I can have the good stuff once every other day until I get through the good old sandy and can do a full fledge switch over.

But CHIKE has me. I’m a new loyal fan. I can honestly say that there are a lot of things I have desperately been looking for during my weight loss surgery. I may still be desperately seeking slender, but I am no longer desperately seeking a good protein powder. I LIKE CHIKE. In fact I like CHIKE so much that i want to share my love with you. Would you like to try my favorite protein powder? CHIKE is willing to send one Desperately Seeking Slender reader the same sample pack they sent me, including the nifty CHIKE Blender Bottle! Be sure to enter the Desperately Seeking Protein Powder Giveaway that starts tomorrow!

CHIKE Protein definitely gets 5 Stars from Desperately Seeking Slender! And that says a lot coming from a woman who has disliked protein powders for nearly three years now.


New Years Resolutions Goals Dreams and Wishes

It’s just a little after midnight and it’s New Year’s Eve, but it won’t be until this time tomorrow we are all celebrating.


This time last year Dec. 31, 2011 I was baking a Sugar Free Sacre Torte for my Austrian Jewish “Second Father” Tom as he is one of those babies that just had to ruin his Mother’s New Year’s Eve Party by deciding to be born. I was also spending my first Holiday Season without my own Father still present in the world and that was rough.

This time two years ago, Dec 31, 2010 I was celebrating my first “Healthy Christmas” I had just lost my first 100 lb. and I was really excited about all of the first’s i was experiencing. I was also as usual, frustrated and insecure with my weight loss and stressing out as I compared myself to everyone else and went all OCD on my numbers on New Years.

Scale-165bThis year Dec 31, 2012 finds me at 165 lb. ( I am 15 lb. away from my “Goal Weight” ) I am also 4 weeks post op my third set of reconstructive plastic surgeries this year and have a bit of swelling still on board. I now have the addition of Heather in my life. She moved in towards the beginning of the year to be here to help me after my surgeries and is staying of course. This had a lot of big positive life moments for me in it and I will be sure to talk about a lot of them in my A Year in Reflect post next week, but tonight is about where I want to be this time next year and what I am going to do to get there. Tonight is about my New Years Resolutions, Goals, Dreams, and Wishes. You see, I think you have to approach each New Year with realistic resolutions, attainable goals, big dreams and wishes that might come true. You might not meet them all or achieve them all, but each one has a special place in your chosen path and decision-making in the year to come.

I like to do things in 5s so I have 5 spots on each of my list:

First up: Resolutions: Things I plan to change in 2013

  • 1. Wake up each day with a Positive Affirmation.
  • 2. Say “I love you” to someone I love every day.
  • 3. Pay off more bills than I rack up.
  • 4. Spend more time with my chosen Family.
  • 5. Work on my Body Dimorphic Issues

Now my Goals: Things I would really like to achieve in 2013

  • 1. Become a Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2. Open my own business as a Personal Trainer
  • 3. Save $3000 towards a down payment on a house.
  • 4. Work on getting everyone in the household’s Dental Work started.
  • 5. Get a Walk from Obesity happening in Portland/Vancouver area.

My Fitness & Medical Goals for 2013

  • 1. Take my Vitamins on a regular basis.
  • 2. Run a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon
  • 3. Work on improving my foot health and dental health
  • 4. Finish up the final touches of Plastic Surgery ( Things my Insurance wouldn’t cover & Touch Ups )
  • 5. Reach and maintain a Normal BMI weight range ( 112- 150 )

My Dreams for 2013 – They are big you know, like too big to really be attainable without a miracle.

  • 1. Get my own Weight Loss Show on Television.
  • 2. Help Fund someone else’s Bariatric Surgery or Skin Removal Surgery
  • 3. Visit Walk Disney World
  • 4. Work with Chris & Heidi Powell
  • 5. Buy a House

My Wishes for 2013 

  • 1. I wish my friends and family would try to work on being more positive.
  • 2. I wish nobody in my life smoked cigarettes.
  • 3. I wish was happy with a “Healthy Weight” and not chasing an “Ideal Weight”
  • 4. I wish I could get all the Bariatric Surgery Centers in OR to let me work with their patients on Post OP Fitness.
  • 5. I wish I could meet Chris Powell, P!nk, Ellen DeGeneres and NKOTB


We’ll see how many of these things I manage to do in 2013 this time next year. 🙂

Have you made you New Years Lists yet? Tell me what is on your lists, I’d love to hear!

Maybe if we have some of the same ones we can work on them together in some Desperately Seeking Slender Challenges or something 🙂


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