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DSS Business Plan

Hello there,

If you have access to this page it is because you were given a direct link to it for fundraising purposes so that you can consider whether or not I am someone that you want to help sponsor in my business endeavors and my desires to help other people dealing with not just morbid obesity, but malignant obesity as well.

Let me first explain that I am neither a Business Major nor do I have any experience writing business plans. I downloaded a template and started filling in the blanks and I am learning as I go. This is the same way I taught myself about computers, web design, graphics and the same way I have helped support my Family for the last several years.

Please keep that in mind as you read my “Business Plan”


Mobile and Onsite Personal Training Business Plan

Desperately Seeking Slender

25700 SW Canyon Creek Rd. Suit #N104

Wilsonville, OR 97070



Version 1.0.2 ( Revision 2 ) September 12, 2012

1.0 Executive Summary

Desperately Seeking Slender is a personal training company specializing in mobile and in home personal training programs that focus on working with clients battling morbid obesity issues. We work with clients that are usually uncomfortable with or in some cases too heavy for normal gym and fitness club environments.

Desperately Seeking Slender focuses primarily on clients that have BMI > 35+ dealing with physical, emotional and metal challenges that come with obesity.  We work with both pre and post-operative bariatric surgery patients to achieve pre surgery weight loss requirements and post-surgery weight loss success and maintenance as well as other weight challenged clients looking to jumpstart, enhance or speed up their weight loss through diet and exercise.

Desperately Seeking Slender is based out of Wilsonville and operates in the Salem/Portland/Vancouver area.  There are numerous upscale and affluent health and fitness clubs in the area, however, none of them provide an environment that ensures the physical capability and provides the emotional comfort for those with morbid obesity.

Desperately Seeking Slender reaches out to this rapidly growing clientele with an offer to provide onsite personal training and exercise guidance personalized and catered to their needs in an environment with which they are comfortable.

In addition, Desperately Seeking Slender is also partnered with Tym 4Me Fitness, a local established personal trainer with a private home based gym to accommodate clients that would like to work out in that environment.

Jaime Williams, Owner of Desperately Seeking Slender, has an intense passion for working with people on their journey through massive weight loss. A bariatric surgery patient herself, she achieved 85lbs of weight loss pre surgery, and has total weight loss of over 250lbs. Her own experiences with malignant obesity related health issues as well as her own personal success story make her an informative asset and provide a visible and tangible example of inspiration and motivation to her clients. She has created Desperately Seeking Slender in an effort to bridge a gap that she found in the bariatric and weight loss community during her own efforts and involvement.

From the quality of exercise to the selection of exercise and through personalized touches that lend comfort and support Desperately Seeking Slender will bring exercise, exercise education and fun that will keep clients continually scheduling training sessions.

1.1 Mission

  • The Mission of Desperately Seeking Slender is to:
  • Provide an emotionally and physically safe environment for morbidly obese clients
  • Promote the success of our clients in meeting their weight loss and fitness goals
  • Provide a more intimate and friendly personal touch to our clients by celebrating their successes and helping them set new fitness goals.

2.0 Company Summary

Desperately Seeking Slender is a mobile personal training company that affordable offers one on one fitness education and personal training sessions for those that are pursuing massing weight loss efforts. The company will operate as a sole proprietorship. Jaime Williams will manage the daily operations of Desperately Seeking Slender and will have accounting oversight responsibilities.

2.1 Start-up Summary

The start-up expenses for Desperately Seeking Slender are focused primarily on

  • Equipment and exercise surfaces
  • Classes for necessary certifications.
  • Ipad or Android Tablet and Accessories to allow for mobile payment processes as well as storing client information and scheduling.
  • Iphone & and Accessories since the car is essentially a mobile office it needs phone capacities along with the ability to turn the care into a wireless hotspot.
  • Mobile Ipad/Ipod/Iphone speaker system to allow for workout music.
  • High Quality Digital Camera for before/after photos and photos to provide website content.
  • High Quality Digital Scale, BP Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor Body Fat Analyzer
  • Brochures, Business Cards, Advertising
  • Website Design, set-up with Facebook and Twitter Interactive Features.
  • Insurance & New Business Establishment Costs

Jaime will be using her recently purchased 2011 Dodge Caliber Heat as the mobile training until vehicle. This hatchback vehicle will be decorated to be used as a mobile advertisement and is valued at $22,000

Table: Start-up

3.0 Services

Mobile Training: We go to their home or other location that they feel comfortable in and devise a work out that is customized to their physical ability and needs in their environment.3.0 Services

Personal Training “Homework” Work-Out Plans: A lot of people see their trainer once or twice a week, work out with them and then they do nothing the rest of the week or are doing things that are not necessarily as beneficial as they could be to their long term goals. Offering homework programs enables clients to make sure that they know what their work out plans are on the days they are not seeing their trainer so that they know they will likely see the results that they want on the scales. Our Homework Work-Out plans again focus on keeping our clients in comfortable environments that they feel emotionally safe in.

Personalized “Bariatric Buddy” and “Weight Loss Buddy” Coaching Programs: A lot of pre and early post-surgery gastric bypass patients have a lot of questions about what they should be doing as far as food and exercise. They have a lot of questions about what kinds of exercise they should be doing and about what their food intake should be and what sort of healthy carbs they can add back in as well as questions about different types of products on the market, and having someone that has been through Bariatric surgery there to talk to can make a big difference. Sometimes clients don’t just need a good work out, they need a good pep talk and someone to discuss their lifestyle changes with. Being able to get that time is what our “Bariatric Buddy Coaching” program would offer.

In time Desperately Seeking Slender plans to progress its services by adding Weight Loss focused Nutrition Sessions as well as personalized meal plans. These expansion plans would be pending the acquirement of the ACE Nutrition Certification which would be done with-in the first year of operation.

In time, Desperately Seeking Slender plans to partner with Tym 4Me Fitness and establish a local gym environment that would cater to the needs of Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery and Extreme Weight Loss patients by providing a personal one on one training environment as well as the possibility of renting private gym time for current clients. These expansion plans would be pending Tym 4Me Fitness moving from a private garage into a retail location that would allow space for our partnership. The Desperately Seeking Slender Staff plans on devoting a good portion of our time to helping aid Tym 4Me Fitness in this cause in our spare time as well as working on Community Event fundraisers to help propel both businesses in the right direction. Desperately Seeking Slender hopes to achieve this goal in cooperation with Tym 4Me Fitness within our first two years of operation.

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

Portland is a major metropolitan city with a very high focus on health and fitness. Rated #4 of “America’s Top 20 Healthiest Cities” Portland’s current population is 593,820

Wilsonville, where we would eventually have our first gym front location is centered between Salem and Wilsonville and has been and up and coming city for quite a while often referred to as “Mini Portland.” Wilsonville’s current population is 19,715

Salem the next major city (direction) of Portland has a population of 156,244 and Vancouver, the next major city (direction) of Portland has a population of 164,759.

Desperately Seeking Slender plans to service Salem, Portland, Vancouver and most cities in between. According to the CDC Obesity Prevalence Report for 2011 Both Oregon and Washington State have an obesity rate of about 26%. These people would make up a large percentage of our target market.

Each of these Cities has Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence that we intend on developing intimate personal relationships with. Salem is home to Salem Hospital Bariatric Surgery Center. Portland is home to The Legacy Good Samaritan Weight Management Institute & Oregon Weight Loss Surgery as well as the Surgical Weight Reduction Program and OHSU. Vancouver is home to Southwest Washington Medical Center’s Peace Health and Weight Loss Surgery and Weight Loss for Life Programs. Each of these Bariatric Centers of Excellence prefer a minimum of 125 Surgeries per year and in some case more as they are required to perform at least 50 surgeries per year for each Surgeon that is preforming surgeries at their Center. We intend to highly Target this market.

According to the CDC more than one third of U.S. Adults are obese and obesity related conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, as wells as certain types of cancer are the leading causes of preventable deaths in the country. In 2008 medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at over $147 billion dollars. We plan on hitting this target market by developing relationships with local doctors and medical facilities.

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Desperately Seeking Slender will market through numerous, Bariatric Surgery Centers, Doctors’ Offices, Weight Loss Program Centers, we will market through other Fitness related business like running stores as well as ads in local publications, Groupon, Google Ads, and through leaving business cards and brochures in locally owned business that cater to a more health conscious clientele.

The competitive edge of Desperately Seeking Slender is going to be with our unique relationships with the Bariatric Community though Jaime’s ongoing participation as a guest speaker for the Southwest Washington Medical Center’s Bariatric Surgery program and through her experience with weight loss herself. It is one thing to have a personal trainer who sympathizes with you and understands you; it is another thing to have one that has actually accomplished the very same things you are setting out to do and understands your situation.

Desperately Seeking Slender also plans to do a good deal of Social Networking via outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters and blogs as a way to generate clientele.

Desperately Seek Slender additionally plans to make use of Jaime’s already established website and blog a as a means of providing online material and resources to our clientele as well as offering success stories, before and after photos and using that website as the means to social network with other professionals in the weight loss arena.

6.0 Management Summary

Jaime Williams will be the operations manager and lead trainer for Desperately Seeking Slender. Jaime has been running her own home based business for the last 10 years doing web design, graphics design and database creation. She has run a successful internet based business for the last 10 years and will be applying those skills, experience and determination to this new project.

Jaime’s passion for wanting to reach out to help and build the extreme weight loss community makes her an excellent choice for promotion and social networking. For the first time in her life Jaime will be working in a field that she loves, is passionate about and doing what she loves while loving what she does.

Heather Rosenberry is Jaime’s longtime friend and business partner. Their business experience together consists of a resume of online business ran in a virtual 3D environment with an economy that translated into US Dollars. Together in these business adventures they have been able to turn thousands of dollar investments into well over $35,000 in a matter of just less than two years as a side business while Jaime ran her own home business and Heather worked as a full time waitress.

  • Heather’s experience working alongside Jaime in these prior business endeavors make her the perfect selection in the receptionist and research positions and her Art Degree and love of Photography make her the perfect selection to work in the photographer position.
  • Since Heather is willing to work in these positions on a salary based solely on percentage of sales until a time that either party wishes a salary renegotiation, she is an even more perfect choice for these positions.
  • Heather also plans to get her Nutritionist Certifications which will allow her to later become more involve in service providing as well as make her more of an asset to Desperately Seeking Slender.
  • Heather also has the vast knowledge and experience of going through the process of major weight loss alongside someone. She has shared Jaime’s experiences and journeys alongside her and as such as her own experiences to draw from. Her ongoing support of Jaime is a prime example of why she is going to be an extreme asset to this company.

Suzie Hamann may at some point be brought in as another onsite Trainer in a gym environment in the Desperately Seeking Slender Program. Suzie runs her own successful at home Personal Trainer and Women’s Nutritionist business and is Jaime’s own Personal Trainer, Mentor and friend and future business partner.

Ashli Smith is a longtime friend of Jaime’s who has worked with her consistently for the last five years doing web design and graphics design work in a 3D Virtual environment as well as your typical website graphics design and logo work. Ashli’s work has been featured on several websites and most currently can be seen on the website.

6.1 Personnel Plan:

The following is the personnel plan for Desperately Seeking Slender

  • Operations Manager (1) Jaime Williams
  • Personal Trainers (1-2) Jaime Williams & Suzie Hamann
  • Receptionist/Scheduling/Quotes/Billing (1) Heather Rosenberry
  • Research/Photographer: (1) Heather Rosenberry
  • Graphics Design and Forum Moderator (1) Ashli Smith

Both Personal Trainers will be paid on a commission base 70% of sales +mileage.

Receptionist & Research Photographer will be paid based on sales 15%

Graphics Design Artist will be paid per graphic at the rate of $5-$20 per graphic depending on complexity. Payroll there for is based on sales estimates and expectations.

7.0 Financial Plan

Training Sessions: In home and on onsite training sessions will be billed at $40 per hour session and $2.25 per 15 minutes travel time + millage.

  •        Personal Trainers will be paid $28 per hour session +$2.25 per 15 minute travel time + mileage. (Since trainers are using their own vehicles.)
  •        The Receptionist / Photographer will be paid $3 per hour on all booked sessions and an additional $3 per hour for any sessions that they accompany a trainer on for secretarial or photography purposes.
  •        Desperately Seeking Slender makes $4 per hour on all booked sessions.

Your Typical 1hr Training Session with 70 minutes of (Roundtrip) travel time would break down like this.

  •        Client Charged: $68.00 (Session $40.00, Travel Time $11.25, Millage $16.80)
  •        Trainer Paid: $58.00 (Session $30.00, Travel Time $11.25, Millage $16.80)
  •        Receptionist Paid: $3.00
  •        Photographer Paid: $3.00
  •        Desperately Seeking Slender Takes In $4.00

Coaching Sessions will follow the same financial format as above in regards to customer charges and Trainer/Receptionist/Photographer payouts. Later when we add Nutrition Sessions they too will follow the above mentioned financial format.

Mileage will be calculated by the currently posted Standard Mileage Rates for Business by the IRS. You can check this rate at this rate is as of the writing of this business plan 55.5

Homework Work-Out Plans: Will have a onetime set up fee of $40 and will be billed at $40 per week. Homework Assignments will correlate with the clients training days and they will receive their Homework Work-Out Plan along with a brief overview & explanation at their Training Session and it will be good for the following week.

  •        Personal Trainers will be paid $30 on all Homework Work-out Plans
  •        The Receptionist will be paid $3 on all Homework Work-out Plans
  •        Desperately Seeking Slender makes $7 on all Homework Work-out Plans.

Your typical client that was doing a Homework Work-Out Plan that changed bi-weekly would look like this.

  •        Client Charged: $40.00
  •        Trainer Paid: $40.00
  •        Receptionist Paid: $3.00
  •        Desperately Seeking Slender Takes In $7.00

Later when we add Customized Meal Plans they too will follow the above mentioned financial format.

Since all Desperately Seeking Slender employees are working on a commission based off of sales Desperately Seeking Slender considers its employee’s independent contractors and as such will pay them a straight salary without deductions and provide them with 1099 documentation. As such it will not have any employee benefit, payroll, tax deductions or such to have to take into consideration financially.

Since any trainers working for Desperately Seeking Slender are using their own vehicles and are being paid for travel time and mileage, they are responsible for the vehicle maintenance costs and as such, that is another aspect of operation costs that Desperately Seeking Slender does not have to take into consideration financially.

Since all of Desperately Seeking Slender employees are working on a commission based of sales and since Desperately Seeking Slender is a home based business with a mobile office out of a car that has been provided by the owner the company has very low overhead expectations. Our overhead expectations are going to be in three major categories:

  • Insurance
  • Advertisement
  • Additional Equipment Investments

With Desperately Seeking Slender taking in a 15% overall profit from all sales we are hoping that it at least self sustains itself in this category.

We estimate monthly advertising costs at a minimum of $100 and would adjust that based on gross monthly income.

We estimate monthly insurance costs at a minimum of $250 per year.

Addition equipment investments as well as any technological updates would be completely based on overall profit and expenditures and investment future plans.

7.1 Start-up Funding ( Financial Plan )

Currently Desperately Seeking Slender has none of the funding to progress with our business plan. Our current strategy is to break down the start-up costs into two segments and use the time between them to work on funding the next segment.

Segment One: Jaime obtaining her ACE Certification is absolutely necessary before Desperately Seeking Slender can progress. The cost of this Certification is $800. We would work on obtaining the funding for this certification cost first and then while Jaime is doing the 6 month program to obtain that certification we would work on funding the next segment.

We intend to approach the funding for Segment One by fundraising among Family, friends, the bariatric community, the weight loss community and as many people as we think we can reach by running a fundraising campaign on We have high expectations of these fundraising efforts and expect to quickly be able to move on to Segment two. In the case that our fundraising efforts go beyond the $800 we are looking for during Segment One, any additional funding we receive through this fundraising endeavor would be carried over into our Segment Two fundraising budget needs.

Segment Two: During the second funding segment we would work on obtaining the necessary equipment for a “Mobile Training Equipment Kits” as well the necessary technology for billing, payment processing, scheduling, client info storage, information sharing, mobile communication, GPS Navigation, and mobile access to our website and the funding for our startup advertising budget.

We intend to approach the funding of Segment Two in a few different ways:

We intend to once again do community and social networking funding as we did hopefully quite successfully in Segment One.

We intend to apply for government and private grants for small business startups.

We intend to try to get sponsorships from other fitness oriented companies. Perhaps approaching local companies that sell gym equipment that may be willing to sponsor us by the equipment that we need in order create our “Mobile Training Equipment Kit” in return for our clients getting referrals and coupons to their stores.

We are hopeful that we might be able to achieve at the minimum the necessary exercise equipment that we would need. We will endeavor, through these sponsorships as well to obtain some of the technological equipment needed for our Mobile Training Program as well. We however, expect to have to fund the majority of these items through grants and fundraising efforts.

Taking any small business loans or investing any more of her Family’s money is not an option for Jaime due to the large amount of money they have spent over the last two years on the costs of her gastric bypass and reconstructive plastic surgery to address the excess skin removal after major weight loss. With her Family currently trying to situate their lives and finances so that they could purchase a home, Jaime cannot currently invest any of her Family’s money in this business endeavor. That said 100% of the startup funding needed for this business must come from other sources.

7.2 Projected Profit and Loss

Since our start-up funding plan includes having to find 100% financing through fundraising, non-profit investors, grant funding and sponsorship Desperately Seeking Slender does have the advantage of starting its business with a $0.00 debt which allows for a much easier and less stressful growth period during our first three years of business.

We’re basing or Projected Profit on hopeful expectations of what we would like our personal trainers to be making each year based on the first year being a part-time job requiring no more than 15-30 THPW (Training Hours Per Week) and year two and three being a progression stage where we end year three with an exaptation of investing full time hours of 40 THPW and a willing ness to invest more or being willing to expand and consider hiring employees. Given those goals we will set sales goals and growth at 0-10 THPW in our first year, 10-25 THPW in our second year and 25-40 THRW in our third year.

Based on the fact that the average client will scheduled 1-2 sessions per week we will project the each client at scheduling 1.5 sessions per week.

Likewise, based on the fact that the average person on the Homework-Out Plan will change their plan bi-weekly while some will change weekly we will project the typical Homework-Out plan client will purchase 3 Homework-Out Plan’s per month.

Using these sales goals and expectations we put together these Three Year Profit Projections.

Thank you for taking the time to review and look at the Desperately Seeking Slender Business Plan.

I most sincerly apprecaite your time and intrest. If you have any questions or I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Jaime Williams
Home: (503)682-2395  Cell:(971)270-8666