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I am not what happened to me.

Chris Powell posted this quote today on Facebook and after a long conversation with my Mother, who I still chose to continue to not speak to on any regular basis until she can be a healthy part of my life, this quote just touched a spot in me. We’ll just file this under “relationship issues” and leave it at that.

Exercise: So let’s see, in the gym today… I did (2) 33 minute Elliptical workouts on the “Weight Loss Setting.” It basically ups the resistance at intervals through the program to help you burn more calories. Between my Elliptical workouts I did the some light weight stuff with dumbbells and kettle bells. Did about 8-10 different things with about 10 reps to each one. Except if it was easy I did 15 reps. Sooner or later I am going to learn the names for these exercises I am doing so that I can help some other people do them too!

I met a woman today in the gym in my apartment complex that is 7 years post op gastric bypass, she    said she had lost 90lbs but gained some of it back and has been wanting to have skin removal surgery for years. This is exactly the sort of lady I want to help once my business gets started. I can’t wait till the day that I can host a half a marathon and fundraiser for someone like that to get their 360 body lift or get their arms done. I love it when you just happen to run into a “Bariatric Buddy” when your out. It’s amazing!

She had a friend with her that I spoke with at great length that had a sister who was a hoarder. It’s amazing to me what similar backgrounds those of us that have struggled with our weight come from; so many of us are abuse survivors, so many of us have been mistreated in our lives. My conversation in the gym today began with these women because one of them said to me “Wow I don’t know how you do that as long as you,” speaking about my time on the Elliptical. I told her. “I used to weigh 420lbs that keeps me on there and keeps me motivated.” It was actually funny, right after that she asked me how long it took me to lose the weight and I told her “I had a gastric bypass in October of 2010.” – yeah I am one of those that just broadcasts it, I have no reason to hide it, I just did 66 minutes on an Elliptical, I dare someone to tell me I took the easy way out or didn’t have to work hard for this. Suddenly she shouted out “I knew it,” started laughing and we all got to talking. It’s too bad I had to rush off to get to the Post Office before they closed or I might have spoken to them a lot longer.”


  • Breakfast today was a Pure Protein Blueberry Crumbcake Protein Bar. This was my first time trying them, I have a few more I am going to try and I’ll be doing my first ever product review! Woot!
  • Lunch was a chicken leg, a piece of light string cheese cut in half with each half wrapped with a slice of 98% fat free turkey and 6 cherry tomatoes.
  • Dinner was ½ A Kashi Pizza which was probably a piece more than I needed to eat but it’s one of my favorites.
  • Desert will be a cup of No Sugar Added Tapioca Pudding
  • I will likely throw in a snack of veggies and humus as well.

So I’m really considering a Desperately Seeking Slender YouTube Channel….

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be. Today, I choose to follow a dream my Father taught me. He told me that you had to find something that you loved and that you were passionate about and that’s what you had to do. That you had to do what you love in order to be really good at it.

I’m ready. Let’s get this.

You Are Not Alone


I’m not changing the title of this blog because this is what I started today with. I’m usually not one to feel sorry for myself, but let’s be honest here, as far as the “Family” and “Friends” department goes, I’ve been let down a lot lately.

I don’t talk much about Family drama, it’s something that has been a part of my life since I was a little girl, but lately I have decided that my family are the people I choose to surround myself with and that I choose to love. It’s been a long journey for me coming to that realization, but I’ve gotten there.

I am a firm believe that when you put good and positive energy into your life good and positive energy come out of it. It just seems like the moment I committed to what I wanted to do and what I was going to do right now, things just started happening and moving so fast and I am so excited.

So let me tell you a little about my Day. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard of the OAC Convention up until yesterday or anything, I just really didn’t think that me going was in the cards. Just the hotel room, flight and registration are costing nearly $1200. But as usual, things just sort of fall into place for me sometimes and Tom decided to help me fund part of the trip and I’m currently talking to SWMC to see if they will consider Sponsoring part of the cost of me going, so we’ll see what happens. I have a month to figure the rest out. LOL!

What I do know is that after my friend Ashli was through speaking with Stephanie at the OAC she was completely convinced that I needed to attend this Convention, so we’re moving things around to make it happen.

Next thing I know I’ve got hotel reservations, a plane reservation and my OAC registration is complete and I’m going to be gone for an entire MONTH between going to Dallas and going to Oakland… WHAT?!? It’s all good though, I’m totally excited about this and I feel like it’s a door opening for me in a direction that I want to go.

One of the things I have found myself passionate about this year during the Presidential Election is how my vote is going to affect Health Care and how whoever I put in office is going to decide to treat obesity in health care. This is a pretty big deal to me as a voter this year. So part of the OAC conference is going to be an advocacy program where they teach you how to advocate for obesity issues with your state legislature and such, and that coupled with a bunch of AMAZING lectures on topic so close to home for me, I’m just  so ready for this.

I’m so excited to meet other WLS people and I just sort of feel in a way like this is a little bit of my coming out party. I am so close to my Goal weight, this convention is literally a week after my 2 year anniversary of my Gastric Bypass on 10-19-2010.

I think I need to head over to the TT Forums and peak my head in and see if anyone else there is going. Might be an opportunity for me to make new friends!  Today was one of those days where I was having to remind myself that I’m not alone and that I am surrounded by alot of people that love and care about me, it just sucks sometimes that they are so far away. Ashli being in Kansas City and Debby being in San Jose just sucks, my two best friends in the entire world and I don’t see them nearly enough. But today just when I was struggling with that feeling, here comes this great news about this great opportunity to meet  bunch of new people! I am sooOOOO excited about this Convention!

Exercise: I left the house today intending to take a nice long walk and spend some time with my Father. It just seemed like there has been a lot I hadn’t got to share with him yet since I hadn’t been outdoors exercising yet since my last skin removal surgery on 8-2-12. I got about a mile and half out and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I had to run a bit. So I let myself run the Loop in the center of town here which is about 1.5 miles doing interval runs where I ran for one song and walked for another. My total for the day was 5.39 miles with an average pace of 15:30 min/mi and a max pace for 4:59min/mi during my run times. For those interested in distance that’s an average pace of 3.87mi/hr and a max pace of 12.03 mi/hr when I’m actually running. This is a far cry from my 5 hour miles I was getting pre skin removal Op #2 but I’ll get back there. Likely just in time to have surgery #3 but that’s okay, it’s in the plan. I will say that running post skin removal is amazing and I really just can’t wait to see what my body feels like after I get this skin of my thighs now.


  • Breakfast: Coffee & Protein Bar
  • Lunch: Multigrain Lean Pocket
  • Dinner: Red Lobster!
  • Snack: Popchips & Humus
Please remember this probably would not be a good food selection at all if you are a post bariatric surgery patient who avoids carbs and breads. I added some whole and multigrains back into my diet per the suggestion of my Nutritionist based on how much I exercise.

Red Lobster Dinning Tip! When I eat at Red Lobster I never order a meal! I always pick a protein that I can add on to someone else’s meal, like tonight I chose the $8.99 Snow Crab Leg addition to Jason’s Steak and Shrimp.  I ordered a Garden Salad with their lowcal raspberry vinaigrette dressing along with some blue cheese dressing on the side. I mix about ½ Tablespoon of both together and use that on my salad along with some ground pepper. I stole a bite or two of Jason’s steak, passed on his way too buttery looking shrimp, and snagged a couple of the bacon wrapped scallops off the appetizer he ordered. Oh, I also brought home the leftovers, about 2 crab legs, and the other to scallops that were left on the appetizer plate. Lunch tomorrow sounds like a crab and scallop taco! Gotta use those leftovers post WLS!


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