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The Obesity Rebel Challenge

If you follow me on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you probably already know about the Obesity Rebel Challenge.

If you don’t follow me on social media, you should, follow the link I just gave you and take care of that.

But I want to take a moment out of the Sex Love and Obesity blog series to talk to you about the Obesity Rebel Challenge, why it is important to me and why I am personally asking you to step up and take some steps in the fight against obesity.


The Obesity Rebel Challenge is a fitness fits everyone event.

Anyone CAN do this challenge. There is no distance requirement, no time requirement and no pressure as to when, where or how you decide to get your Obesity Rebel steps in. All it takes to complete this challenge is you, your own two feet and the will to finish.

The only rule in the challenge is that you have to complete the distance and submit your distance by September 30th, 2018.

Because there are no distance or time requirements you can complete the challenge in any fashion you wish. You have the choice of signing up for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or 36k challenge distance.

For those that don’t know a 5k is 3.1 miles, a 10k is 6.2 miles, a half marathon is 13.1 miles, and a 36k is 22.4 miles.

There is a training plan for a 5k, a 10k and a Half Marathon included with your registration for the Obesity Rebel Challenge. Let’s say that you decide that you want to complete your first 5k or 10k as part of the Obesity Rebel Challenge. That’s awesome! What a neat thing to knock off your bucket list.

The training guides included with your registration are geared to help you meet that goal. Each one is designed for a beginning walker/runner to slowly progress you from not walking or running much at all to achieving the total distance you’ve selected by September 22, 2018. The 5k Training Plan begins on August 5th and the 10k training plan begins on July 15th.

If you decided that you wanted to take on a half marathon distance and build up to completing 13.1 miles in one day, the Half Marathon Training Plan is designed to get you there. The Half Marathon Training Plan begins on June 24th.

The Obesity Rebel Challenge allows for combined distance totals.

ObesityRebel ChallengeIf you’re not an avid walker or runner, if you have a medical issue that prevents you from doing a total distance of 3.1 or more miles all at once, the Obesity Rebel Challenge is still a very doable event for you.

I have a client that has lymphedema and just recently had knee replacement surgery. To get her 3.1 miles in she is doing 10 minutes a day on a treadmill 2-3 day a week between now and September, tracking her total distance each day and building up to a 3.1-mile distance.

I have another client who has two bad knees and is bone on bone in both knees. She has a trip to Ireland coming up. She’ll be using her total distance walked each day that she is in Ireland touring the country to accumulate her miles and is hoping to achieve a half marathon total distance of 13.1 miles.

I have another client that has decided that she and her daughter are going to do her first half marathon together. She is going to be following the Half Marathon training guide to get her distance in. That training guide will be building up her distance and she’ll be using some of her training runs to get her 5k and 10k distances in and submitting those. By the time she is done, she will have accumulated the 22.4 miles for the 36k challenge total and then some.

No matter where you are in your weight loss or fitness journey, you can accomplish and complete the Obesity Rebel Challenge.

Let’s talk about WHY participating in the Obesity Rebel Challenge is important.

A “Rebel” is a person that rises against opposition. We live in a world that marginalizes people who are affected by obesity. Those that are affected by this disease are taught that they are less than worthy. They face bias and stigma in the health care they receive, in how they are treated by medical professionals, in what kinds of treatments their insurance companies will provide.

Obesity is still commonly accepted as the punchline of the joke. People affected by obesity are often ignored or even ridiculed by clothing manufacturing companies.

They are mistreated and judged in industry standards when it comes to fitness and fashion.

They are stereotyped when it comes to mental health, and emotional stability.

Because of all of this, those that are affected by obesity or have been affected by obesity often worry about what others are thinking about them in almost any environment.

Will this doctor figure out what is wrong with me or will he blame everything on my weight? Will this nail salon charge me more to sit in their pedicure chairs? Will people stare at me in this fitness facility? Will the person on this dating site look at my photo and decide not to talk to me? Will someone yell out horrible things or make animal noises at me if I walk down the street to get some exercise in?

NONE of these things SHOULD happen. NONE of these things should be things we have to be afraid of or fear. But right now, THAT is the sad truth of the world we live in. The only way we will ever change that is by fighting back. That’s what an Obesity Rebel does. They fight back. They fight obesity and they tell the world, this sort of treatment, this sort of stigmatization, this sort of bias, this sort of judgement is NOT OKAY.

The world isn’t going to change without people teaching and educating it on how it needs to change. We are stronger together. We must rise to the opposition. We must be the Rebels leading the charge. That, in my mind is why your participation in the Obesity Rebel Challenge is so important.

If you’ve ever sat there wondering what you CAN do to help make a difference and change how the world sees and treats those effected by Obesity, I have a question for you…

Why WOULDN’T you participate in this simple fitness event?

By being an Obesity Rebel you can do exactly that. You can be an individual standing up in opposition to how the world treats and sees obesity. All you have to do is click the link register and put some steps in.

Obesity Rebel Challenge


Pandora Williams author of Desperately Seeking Slender is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Cooper Institute Approved Wellness Coach Trained in Weight Management Strategies. Her training and coaching services are offered exclusively through GoGirl Fitness Studio.

Turn Your Food Journal Into A Food Prep Tool

In last week’s blog, Food Journaling Adds Accountability and Success to Weight Loss we talked about your food journal, why it is important and how to get started with MyFitnessPal, the food journal that I recommend to my clients.

This week, I want to talk a little bit more about how your food journal can also be your food prep tool.

I cannot say this enough. Plan and prep, plan and prep, plan and prep.

Planning your meals and preparing everything you can ahead of time is one of the best offenses you have in the fight against obesity.

Using your food journal to log your food makes your mindful and accountable for what you are eating. It’s a great defensive strategy. But when it comes to trying to lose weight, being on the defensive side of the fight sometimes leaves you struggling to get the results you want.

It’s time to get on the offensive, which means don’t just follow the age old “If you bite it write it” adage. Start using your food journal to plan your offensive strategy. Use it to decide what is going to be on the grocery list and what you’re going to be preparing each day.

For right now. Forget about today. Instead open MyFitnessPal and from the homepage go to “Diary” and press that little arrow button that says “Tomorrow” and start planning. Pick the meal that requires the most preparation for you and decide what you’ll be having.

I personally always start with dinner. It’s the meal I must put the most thought and creativity into, especially if I am cooking for more than just myself. Today I’ve decided that tomorrow I am going to cook pork chops with green beans and a salad.

I bake my pork chops so no need to allow for any oils there; I steam my green beans and usually just throw some spray butter on them, so no need to count for oils there either. My salad on the other hand will have some fats.  I’ll be putting some balsamic vinaigrette on and probably some goat cheese. My salad will likely include mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and radishes as those are the fresh veggies I usually have on hand already cut up in the fridge. Great, I’ve got that all in MyFitnessPal now.

I typically make a protein shake for lunch, it’s an easy prep and take to go with me way of getting my protein and energy in on my way to work. My protein shakes usually consist of 12oz of non-fat milk, a scoop of protein powder, a cup of frozen mixed fruit, a ¼ cup of Greek yogurt and about 4-6 ice cubes. Great I’ve got that all logged in for tomorrow in MyFitnessPal now.

Next, I’m going to add in my dailies. The things I typically do every single day. I drink a lot of coffee. Like a lot of coffee. I use about 2 tablespoons of fat free half and half in each cup which typically comes to about 8-10 tablespoons per day. I put that under “snacks” in my food journal.

Let’s take a break and talk about alerts.

MyFitnessPal has this neat feature. It alerts you when you go over your goals in your food selections. For example, with everything I just entered it altered me that my sugar goal for the day (a setting it decided not me) was to stay under 45 grams of sugar.

Sugars add up fast. I had 10 grams in my berries, 12 grams in my non-fat milk, 1.5 grams in my Greek yogurt, 2 grams in my protein powder, about 10 grams in my logged vegetables, and 2.4 grams my balsamic vinaigrette. Adding my Fat Free Half and Half 8 grams of sugar knocked me over that goal of staying under 45 grams of sugar each day. Clicking on each one of these foods in my food journal told me what the sugar content of each food was and allowed me to see where all those sugars were adding up on me.

Now if this is a big deal for me, and I really want to keep my sugar and thusly carbohydrate and calorie counts lower, I might move some things around. I might decide to use almond milk instead of non-fat milk in my protein shake. Almond milk is lower in sugar, but higher in fat than non-fat milk. That quick change, because I was planning my food ahead, got my sugar intake back under the 45-gram goal. I also got a feedback alert from MyFitnessPal letting me know that almond milk is high in calcium. Kudos to me for a good swap there.

Food Journal Screen ShotNow I need to plan for the meals I have a hard time with.

I hate breakfast. Don’t love eating it. So, breakfast must be something quick, painless and effortless for me. Tomorrow I think I’ll go for a couple hard-boiled eggs. Egg yolks can kick your fats and cholesterol up real fast though. I typically throw one of the yolks out to avoid those numbers getting high on me. When I added my eggs MyFitnessPal just told me that food was high in protein. Another good choice! See how easy this can be?

Time to plan my snacks. A quick glance at my nutrition stats in MyFitnessPal let’s me know I still need some more protein. I’ll throw a protein bar in there. I also need some more veggies; 3 ounces of baby carrots and 3 ounces of celery will help me get my veggies in and give me something crunchy to snack on in the middle of the day. Even with all that I still need more healthy carbs and protein, so I’ll throw on my typical greek yogurt for dessert, add an apple as a snack and add some brown rice to my dinner selections.

That gets my stats to: 1370 Calories for the day. My caloric goal is 1350 so I’m okay with that. My carbs are at 143 for the day, a little under my goals but it’s a single digit number so I am okay with that. My fats are 1 gram under, again I’m good with this and my protein is at walloping 115 grams, 14 grams over my goal. I’ll consider that a successful day very inline with my micronutrient needs.

Now I have tomorrow’s meal planning done. I know what to eat when, and if I change anything along the way during the day it will be easy for me to account for it and see how my changes affect my  day.

I typically plan my days out like this a week in advance. I try to have all my planning done by Thursday or Friday,  print out my days and make my grocery list for the week. Then I do all my grocery shopping on Saturday and any meal prepping I can do ahead of time on Sunday to get me all prepared for the week ahead of me.

Your software platform can make a difference.

It is probably worth noting that I tend use my desktop computer or laptop computer for my pre-planning as the view on the PC version of MyFitnessPal allows me to easily see my entire day at a glance and allows me to see the amount of carbs, fats and protein, sodium and sugar in each of my food selections all at once.

The app version on your phone makes you have to hunt these numbers down in different areas and can make the process a little more time-consuming. When I can see all the details at once it’s easy for me to see where I need to adjust if the numbers at the bottom aren’t where I want them to be.

I also do it because it this way because it allows me to put two different foods in at the same time and compare them to see which one is going to get me closer to where I want to be with my micronutrient goals. For example, when I wanted to get my sugar intake down for the day it was easy for me to see that switching out my non-fat milk for almond milk would help me.

Knowing how to use your food journal in both the mobile app and website version can be the difference between loving or hating your food journaling experience. Since using your food journal to plan ahead can be a big tool in your weight loss journey I hope this little guide helps make it easier and more pleasant for you.

If you have any questions about how I use MyFitnessPal to make my food journaling life as simple as possible don’t be afraid to leave a question in the comment section below. Otherwise, happy food logging.


Pandora Williams author of Desperately Seeking Slender is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Cooper Institute Approved Wellness Coach Trained in Weight Management Strategies. Her training and coaching services are offered exclusively through GoGirl Fitness Studio.
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