The Good, Bad, Pretty and Ugly Accounts of One Woman’s Weight Loss Journey

The Good, Bad, Pretty and Ugly Accounts of One Woman’s Weight Loss Journey2019-01-04T08:21:32+00:00

Remote Personal Training – How does it work?

Remote Personal Training – Skeptical in Washington asks:The new site design for Desperately Seeking Slender has been up for about 2 weeks now. Some of you have already began to use the new “Dear Desperately Seeking Slender” feature. If you don’t know what I am talking about check this out. One of the newest features
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The Big Drop Bariatric Edition

The Big Drop – Bariatric Edition

What the hell is The Big Drop?You wanna know? I have an answer! The Big Drop is an 8 Week Long Fitness Challenge event at GoGirl Fitness Studio.  It’s an 8-week fitness and nutrition challenge where you get TONS of instruction, support, motivation and accountability to lose weight or get back into the groove of
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Pandora Williams Paris 2018

2018 – Year of Lemonade

2018 is over and consequentially it is time for a 2018 end of year review.2018 is over and the New Year is a time to reflect back on the year behind us. It is a time to Celebrate the things that we were able to achieve and accomplish. Additionally, it’s a chance to identity the
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Big Drop Bariatric Edition at GoGirl Fitness Studio

Bariatric Fitness – Is it a pipe-dream career path?

When I am sad, depressed or stressed out I get withdrawn and quiet.Like most of you, these are emotions I don’t deal with well. When I start to experience these emotions I instantly think, “I have to be really careful that I don’t start feeding my feelings.” Because, if I don’t, I know I am
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BariLife Hair, Skin and Nail Formula

Hair Skin and Nail Formula – BariLife Product Review

It’s time for a product review!This month we’re going to be talking about the Hair, Skin and Nail Formula from BariLife. Because, I am an honest WLS Blogger; I’ll admit that I am remiss in getting this review published. As usual, you have great intentions, then life happens and other things sort of take priority.
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Obesity Rebel Pandora Williams with fellow OAC Member

Obesity Rebel – What it means and why you should be one

In case you don’t know this, I consider myself an Obesity Rebel.A Rebel, is someone who rises in opposition or armed resistance against. An Obesity Rebel is someone who opposes obesity. I firmly believe that obesity is a disease. There are some people who would argue and debate that with me. In fact,  we’ve been
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Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend - Finish Line Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend Event 2018 Recap

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend Event 2018 Recap

Let’s take a break from all the seriousness. I know I need one. Not to mention I still owe you all a very important Disneyland Paris Half Marathon event recap. I’ve ran a lot of half marathons. Forty-one to be exact. By far, my all-time favorite half marathons are the runDisney events. If you ask
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The Finality of Death

The Finality of Death

You never forget the moment you meet someone. I was living with my Godfather after my previous relationship had left me basically homeless. I was hanging out in Gorean chat rooms online. The chat rooms consisted of people who role played scenarios out of the 1960s John Norman Gor Novels and discussed the Master / slave
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Sex Love and Obesity 21

Sex Love and Obesity Part 21

In “Sex, Love and Obesity Part 20,” I talked about the day I finally got in my car and drove away. I was out of the house now, and the change in my stress and anxiety levels allowed me to stop turning to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms and escape. Last week, in “Dissociative
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Sex Love and Obesity 21-2

Dissociative Identity Disorder – Six Women One Mind

For people with Dissociative Identity Disorder dealing with fear can be a very uncomfortable experience. Fear is a powerful emotion. It can motivate you to start invoking change very quickly. But the problem is that fear isn’t always rational; which means it can lead you to make irrational decisions if it is the underlying emotion
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