I’m not the kind of person that comes up with great food ideas, heck if you give me a recipe I can follow it and the dish will usually come out just perfect, but when it comes to coming up with creative ideas of my own or putting my own dish together, forget about it.

I have to say that my eagerness to start experimenting with food, with weight loss surgery friendly recipes and the like is really booming, I’m so excited to start finding the recipes for the dishes that my pouch is going to love and my husband’s stomach will cheer for like the Chicago Bears just got a touchdown. (Sorry Jason is a Bear’s fan, don’t ask me why I know nothing about football.)

In my endless time on the internet researching all things Weight Loss Surgery friendly I found a few creative ideas from others that I just had to share, these Halloween treats really make me wish that I was going to some sort of WLS Halloween Party! I guess I’m just going to have to find a reason to be at one next year so I can use some of these great ideas, but for now, I will just share them with you.

Disney Family Fun has a whole collection of “Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks”

Here are a few of my favorites:

Carrot Finger Food

Apple Bites

Melon Brain

Edible Eyeballs

Cheese-Finger Food

Monster Toes