Dear Perspective Partner, 

Hi. My name is Pandora and I help educate those effected by obesity on the value of making fitness fit your lifestyle from an emotional, physical, financial and scheduling perspective.

My “Fitness fits everyone, it just fits us all differently,” philosophy has been the key to my long term weight maintenance success. Now, I use that philosophy along with my personal weight loss story and my professional education as a certified personal trainer and weight loss and wellness coach to help others trying to achieve the same goals.

I strive to encourage, motivate and support others in developing healthy lifestyle changes that will lead to long term success in weight loss and weight maintenance.

If you’re on this page, you are a brand or business that is interested in getting to know my audience.

Let’s get to know each other a little bit. By filling out the form below we can take the first step in doing so. A step that might lead to us working together.

There are a few things you should know about me up-front.

  • I do not work with companies for free or in exchange for product alone. Please ensure you have a promotional budge in mind before starting the process of working with me.

  • I do not promote anything I do not stand behind. Therefor, I do not promote fad diets, “quick weight loss” tactics, or pharmaceutical drugs.

  • I have no interest in participating in anything related to multi-level marketing. Therefore, whether its Mary Kay, Avon, Herbal Life, Juice Plus or some new pyramid sales product I am unaware of.

  • I do not accept unsolicited content to my site. I do not publish articles written by anyone other than myself.

  • I only give honest product reviews. As such, if you ask me to review a product, even if I don’t like your product, I am going to provide my audience with honest opinion and publish a review of it. You cannot purchase a favorable review from me. I pride myself on the fact that my audience knows me, loves me and trusts me. That is what makes me a valuable weight loss influencer.

Following all of that, if you are interested in reaching out to me, fill out the form below and let’s begin the conversation!