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Weight Bias at NKOTB Concert – A Different View Post WLS

I’ve taken a little bit to write about this experience because I needed to sit on it and decide if I felt that there was any weight bias present before I broached it.

IMG00014My chosen sister and I have been friends of going on ten years now. We have been New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB fans since they first appeared on scene in 1988 as the USA’s first real Teen Beat, Heart Throb magazine boy band. Like good little blockheads we followed their journey. We went to their reunion tour together in 2008 and we went to their next concert together in 2009. We took turns making trips from California to Oregon to be together for their concerts.

This year, when the tour was announced I knew that with two small kids at home there was no way Deb was making the trip to Oregon even though it was her turn, and decided I would come to Dallas for the concert so that we could go together. We also decided that this time, we were going to go all out and we were going to get five-star VIP tickets which cost $395 a piece. This would give us a chance to meet the members of the band and take that ever coveted photo with them that we both wanted. We were both willing to pay $395 to get it. Our Families were willing to do it for us as well, and the early purchase sort of came “Happy Birthday” to us presents. I even re-arranged my schedule and ended up not going to Fit Bloggin’ 13 which was being held in my own hometown in order to go to the concert.

dsc_2264-1So let me tell you my experience: I get rushed into a room with all 5 members of NKOTB. The awesome women that helped us set up our group outside to help make sure that they and we got to stand next to the NKOTB member we wanted too had things all set up so I rushed right over to Jordan Knight. “I have been in love with you for like 25 years,” I laughed as he hugged me. Then he saw the shirt I was wearing, a “Remix” theme shirt that Deb and I had made in hopes of getting their attention. He asked me about my weight loss, told I was amazing and a Remix and the hugged me again and then stood there with his arm around me.  As I realized I had a few moments before the photo I turned to Danny Wood standing on my left. “You inspired the hell out of me.” I told the fitness fanatic of the group. “You’ve done great, keep up the good job.” he told me and gave me a hug. Suddenly photos were snapped and it was time for us to leave. I stopped on the way and asked Donnie Wahlberg if I could have a hug. He looked at my shirt, smiled at said “I can’t hug you because half of you has disappeared.” Then he threw in a bigger smile and a “I know who you are,” comment that I could only guess meant he had actually seem some of the posts I had put on Facebook and Twitter trying to get his attention.

photo-3At this moment I nearly had a heart attack when I felt what I thought was Deb somehow rubbing the back of my head affectionately, only to turn around and realize it wasn’t Deb it was JORDAN KNIGHT! His hand was on the back of my head rubbing it in what I can only say was a very intimate touch to this 25 year fan. My heart was racing and things were going way too fast as I tried to lock each moment into my permanent memory. Next I passed Jonathan Knight who stopped me with a dumbfounded look and had a short conversation that started with “Is that really you? You don’t look like the same person. Wow. I don’t believe it.” Jon’s comments caught Joe McIntyre’s attention and he stopped me and grabbed the bottom of my shirt to look at it. He was a little amazed, and as I pointed out to him that the photo on the shirt was taken at their concert in 2009 and that he had actually noticed the shirts we were wearing that day from the stage he went in for a closer look. As Joe was talking to me, security guards were letting me know that I needed to get the heck out of dodge because our five minutes was up and it was time to get the line moving and get the next group of women in to meet the bad. As we walked out of the meet and greet area I had a little mini Pandora moment were my body flailed around and I screeched and squealed like a little girl with excitement and announced that Jordan Knight had rubbed my head. I’m sure the band heard me do it, heck I am sure they could have seen me do it, but Jordan Knight touching me like that made this evening more than a bucket list moment of “Meet Jordan Knight from NKOTB” and turned it into one of those moments as a young teenager when you fantasized about this pop star crush and what it would be like if he was your boyfriend and practiced kissing him with your pillows.


Now let me let Deb talk about her experience: 

As Pandora said, we were fortunate to connect with 7 other ladies who wanted to stand with the other guys so we all were able to stand next to our favorite NKOTB Guy (JOEY ALL THE WAY!) I was SO excited – my first time meeting the guy i teasingly tell my husband is the one guy i would cheat on him with (sorry sweetie!).  Anyway, talking to one of the other girls who had met Joey before, he was very sweet and engaging and i was looking forward to having a short talk with him.  So our group gets to the front of the line and suddenly we are there! The guys are there! I get to HUG THE NKOTB!!! so i go down the line and quickly give hugs to Danny, Jon, and Jordan (Donnie was already surrounded and the photographer was starting to grumble at us to get next to who we wanted to take pics with, so i missed my chance to hug him) and then there was Joey.  Beautiful blue eyes and all.  I gave him a hug and we took two pictures.  I gave him a huge smile and said that i was so excited to meet him and…..nothing.  No response.  Hilary, (one of the girls in our group) who had met him before, made a point to say again that this was my first time getting to meet him and again, he looked at me and gave me a slightly empty smile and that was it – we were being herded out for the next group to come in.  On one hand it was an experience i could now mark off my bucket list.  On the other hand, it was a bit disappointing.  I never expected to suddenly be BFF with Joey, but I had hoped for at least a verbal response of the “so great to meet you” “thanks for coming out” or anything.  But nope, not a single word was said.  I have experienced this before – the look, empty smile and quickly being forgotten as the cuter, smaller girl comes along.  It made me sad, but really nothing i haven’t experienced before and nothing more than I sort of expected.  Guys who have beautiful women throwing themselves at them don’t need to spend any energy on the big girls they have no attraction for (I don’t even mean that in a necessarily sexual way –  generally speaking my experience is that people don’t engage or respond to those that they have no attraction for in any context).  There’s an amazing Dustin Hoffman video where he talks about an epiphany he had when he found himself to be an ugly woman when getting ready for Tootsie and realized that he’d ignored and bypassed women he found unattractive and likely had bypassed some very interesting people.  So all in all – not an experience that I will do again.  The experience I had was not worth the price I paid.

I have spent over a month sitting on this deciding how I was going to write about it. Was there a weight bias here? As much as I hate to say yes, I think there was. At first, I wanted to convince myself that Deb and I had just done a really good job with my t-shirt and that it had done its job and gotten their attention. That’s great for me, we made slender Pandora stand out among the other slender girls in the crowd. But does that change that my friend, who is still struggling with her weight, was treated so differently than I was that it actually made me question whether or not she was treated differently because of her weight? No it shouldn’t.

NKOTB is a band that is well aware of the unhealthy weight status of many of their fans. In their promotional venues they make points to talk about loving their fans in all shapes and sizes, their song Remix is pretty much dedicated to the “Big Girls” out there that we’re nobody’s in high school and got ignored, teased and picked on.

So how does a woman who used to weigh 420 lb. walk out of one of your concerts with her best friend and hesitate to write about it for over a month, this bucket list moment of our lives, because she can’t honestly decide whether you exhibited weight bias in your actions… and if you did, how she approaches it from an Obesity Advocate who is passionately against weight bias?


If I had not personally gotten a vocal response from Joe McIntyre, if he had no words for me that night as well, I might have chalked the entire thing up to him being drunk or medicated, because he definitely looked out of it; or maybe chalked it up to him having a bad night. But since his lack of words and interaction didn’t extend to me, I can’t help but  believe a little bit that there was weight bias involved. And as a  25-year NKOTB Fan, that used to be one of the biggest girls at the concert venue, I have to say, that it makes me very very sad to say those words.

It crushes me actually. I have seen NKOTB since their reunion as a band that understood that the generation of women that makes up their fan base was plagued with the obesity epidemic that riddles through the country. I believed that they were the type of band that wanted to promote their fans losing weight and getting fit and healthy so that they had nice long happy lives and when the Remix song hit this new album and I heard it the first time, I thought, how amazing that they wrote a song about this. So many of us were that ignored girl. This song will hit home for some many of us. Then the video came out and I saw this big girl dancing around owning the video, and I thought, this is awesome that you’re showing that women are beautiful no matter what size they are.

But sometimes actions speak louder than words. And what you showed me at the Five Star Meet and Greet in the difference in how you treated me versus how you treated my friend said a lot. I never thought I would be standing on this side of a weight bias issue, I never in my life thought I would be the slender girl being treated differently that her sister by someone in a weight bias issue. It is a little bit of a shocker to me. But more than that it is a disappointment. For 25 years I have loved this band, and in one night, they really broke my heart. Weight bias is no joke, it hurts feelings, it makes people feel bad, and like Debby said herself, she would never do this again because of the experience she had.

25 years of my being a die-hard Blockhead and an Old School New Kids on the Block fan – I thought NOTHING could change that. Naively I thought I would always love this band the way people loved Elvis and the way my mother loved the Beatles. I was wrong. Because I love those fighting Obesity more and if this band doesn’t they’ve lost me as a fan.

Perhaps my opinion would be a little different if I didn’t also think that it has gotten to a point where the band is a sell out and everything is about money. Perhaps if their concerts were as good as they once were and they were as interactive with their audience as they used to be. But with the addition of $400-$1000 Meet and Greet Tickets and $150 “After Party” tickets, really they are on and off the stage and saving all the personality and interaction for the meet and greet and the after party now and the actual concert is suffering for it.

I watched the I Heart Radio concert that they did before this tour started and it was hands down 100x better and more interactive than what I saw from them on stage that night.

All in all, as sad as it makes me, NKOTB has sort of shown me where their priorities are now, I guess it’s not far off of what you expect from a rock star: sex, drugs and rock and roll… I just never expected it from these five men. Surprise. The world never changes really, just your perception of it when you look through different glasses.


Falling Without Failing What Chris Powell has Taught Me

As you all know I am a big fan of Chris Powell.

Chris and his kind-hearted wife Heidi Powell through their communications with me on Facebook have become an integral part of my weight loss journey and huge motivators in my desire and determination to become a personal trainer.

Chris often mentions the need to learn to “Fall without Failing” – What this concept teaches is that we have to expect that there are going to be times when we fall short of our goals no matter what they are. Times when we are going to fall flat on our faces. But we have to look at these times not as failures, but as the I have heard Chris put it; “ultimate opportunities.” How is falling flat on your face or falling short of your goal an opportunity? It’s an opportunity to do three very important things that Chris Powell teaches: confess, reassess and recommit.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 8.10.35 AM

I’ve spoken about my father a few times in the last several days and how men these days are not built from the same cloth that they once were. How my Father was old-fashioned and that the ideas he taught me as a little girl are often void in men I meet in the world today. This is one of the predominant reasons that Chris Powell is one of my heroes and that his words of praise mean so much to me, and that they have been able to become nearly a replacement in my life since my Father’s passing. These words of praise from Chris when I get them hold a meaning few understand, because Chris Powell, through his words and actions, often echo the very things my Father taught me and the things he expressed he wanted for me.

My father taught me that the most important thing I had to do was value my word and live my life with integrity. Chris Powell teaches us that in our weight loss journeys we are making a lifestyle transformation that depends on integrity and that integrity is valuing your word to yourself.

My father taught me that I could do anything and be anyone I wanted to be. He echoed the words of Walt Disney to me “If you can dream it you can do it.” Chris Powell teaches us that we can be whoever we want to be, that all we have to do is live into that identity, that when we find ourselves in any given situation, we just decide who we want to be and we commit to being that person.

My father motivated me to lose weight and became a champion in my weight loss journey until his passing just about two years ago because of a wish that he had for me to live a happy and healthy life. Chris Powell does what he does and reaches out to help the people that he helps because he believes we all have the right to a happy and healthy life

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.07.05 AM

Why do I bring this all up? Well there are a few reasons. Because yesterday I fell short in a couple of areas. Actually, I felt flat on my face…

So let’s apply the three important things that Chris and his kind-hearted wife Heidi Powell, who has also managed to become an integral part of my support system since I had the opportunity to meet them in May, [ A Bucket List Moment – Meeting Chris Powell ] have taught me…

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.24.40 AMConfess: I didn’t meet this huge goal I had to secure enough sponsors to be able to send myself and a Desperately Seeking Slender reader to the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half-Marathon. Additionally, even though I said I would not allow anything to interfere with my biggest goal right now of studying for my Personal Trainer Certification Exam, I did. I allowed trying to secure these sponsorships to eat up Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I knew it was happening, in fact when Chris put a message out of his Facebook page yesterday asking what we were doing to stay on track with our goals this week, I openly admitted that I was letting this project distract me from mine.

Reassess: Okay, I didn’t meet my goal and get my sponsors; There is good news and bad news involved in that. We’ll come back to that. More importantly I lost focus of what I am trying to do here and got sidetracked from studying for my test. But this happened because I was doing some of the very things that my Father and Chris have taught me to do. Back in May when the season premier of Extreme Weight Loss aired Chris and Heidi spent some time talking with people live on Twitter. I asked Chris…

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 8.15.28 AM

I’m still working on that 10 lb. window! But what got me distracted from my goal here was actually something that is part of my goal. I saw an opportunity after I completed my own personal Half-Marathon on Father’s Day to bring that sort of sense of accomplishment to someone else and set off on a mission to do so. Being able to do this sort of thing for others is exactly why I am studying for that test to become a trainer in the first place. So while I was off the path I had committed to a bit, it wasn’t that far off, I was just taking a little detour and pressing the pause button for a moment to create a purpose for someone else. Neither of these things were failures. In fact both of them were huge opportunities for me to show the weight loss community and my potential clients who I am and what I am about.

Recommit: It’s time to get back to the grind. I took a break to do something that was well within the parameters of who I am and who I want to be. But now that I have created that purpose for someone else,  it’s time to get back to my other service oriented goal and get that certification by my personal deadline date: October 19th, 2013 so that I can really start helping others in their weight loss journey. Now, it’s time for me to set a couple S.M.A.R.T goals of my own… my focus now is back to WLS Fitness, Bariatric Fitness and helping people Fight Obesity, here is my commitment:

Starting today, June 25th, I will study for a minimum as 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, as evidence by keeping a log of my steady hours. I will do this for 2 weeks until my Surgery on July 10th. I will reward myself with a week of doing nothing but healing and talking to my friends in the social media world. – This goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, rewarded and timed.

After a week or so of healing I will recommit to this same goal again, setting another two-week time frame and at the end of that two weeks I will take my practice exam to gauge where I am in this process more accurately.

I will not allow my own fears or doubts prevent me from taking the practice exam.

I will take the practice exam at the latest by August 7th and if I do well on it, I will schedule my certification test for first available testing date upon my return to Portland on August 19th.

I will be held accountable to these goals since I have put them all out here on the internet and I have so many people who will check on me.

That addresses one part of my confession… now the other… I did not meet the goals that I set to achieve Sponsorship and funding to send two people to Anaheim CA to participate in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in January, 2014 – I did however receive enough sponsorship to send ONE person, and there is plenty of time for me to figure out how to get myself there. And I WILL figure out how to get myself there all I have to do this month is make sure I am registered and I can handle that financial responsibility myself. The most important thing is that ONE of YOU is going. So watch for the announcement of the How do you Celebrate Success” contest which will begin announced later this week and find out what you have to do to enter to win. The prize will include; Airfare, Hotel Accommodations, Race Fees, Park Entrance Fees and Ground Transportation to and from the airport.

I want to send a HUGE and I mean HUGE shout out to the companies that have already stepped up and committed to Sponsoring The How do you Celebrate Success Contest.

Kay’s Naturals [ Like Them on Facebook ]

Celebrate Vitamins [ Like Them on Facebook ]

Pace Setter Athletics  [ Like Them on Facebook ]

The Support these three companies showed to step up to the plate and help me make this contest a possibility will never be forgotten. And for any other companies that would like to consider Sponsorship of the How do you Celebrate contest – there is still time. If you are interested, please contact me at – Now it’s time to get today’s six hours in. I have a goal to meet, and I have the personal integrity to make sure it gets done.


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