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Dear Desperately Seeking Slender

Before I tell you how to write Desperately Seeking Slender let me tell you a little bit about why Dear Desperately Seeking Slender exists;

On March 20th, 2014 Desperately Seeking Slender took on a new direction.

93dfa5b8a3af11e3b0981289c86278ad_8From the name of the site you might be able to tell that I had always used a play on words and Desperately Seeking Slender was meant to be the signature for a letter that you’d write to an advice columnist. Something similar to “Sleepless in Seattle” or “Desperately Seeking Susan

It took me quite a while to realize it, but, I think although I was unaware of it at the time, I always intended for the site to go in this direction. I always felt like my voice was small and nobody was listening and my blog was a way of talking to someone, even when at first there was nobody reading it at all.

I have always wanted to help others in the fight against obesity. From the moment I created my intention was to give to a community of people I felt passionate about helping conquered a disease that had conquered me for so long.

Today, Desperately Seeking Slender is what I consider an advice column style production. You write in questions and I answer them, as honestly and as openly as I can.

Sign your letters however you wish them to be signed, to me, each and every one of you that writes in is a “Slender Seeker” and you’ll be answered back as one. I will do this to protect your anonymity and to make sure that all the Slender Seekers out there feel as comfortable as I can make them with asking their questions.

You can ask questions about anything weight loss or obesity related. I’ll answers questions based on my experiences with obesity, weight loss, weight loss surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery and my formal education in Wellness Coaching, Weight Control Strategies, Fitness, and Motivational Speaking. [ See: About the Author ]

If you’d like to talk to me, ask me a question about my journey or a question about yours, shoot an email to me at and sign it #SlenderSeekers – I’ll write back, and sign it #DesperatelySeelkingSlender – and we’ll have a conversation.

Remember, I will only respond to questions.

We’re having conversations, not disagreements.

How do you start your letter? Dear Desperately Seeking Slender


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Author: Pandora Williams

Author of Desperately Seeking Slender

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