Pandora Williams – Getting to know the Author

Written by Holli Saperstein

Author - Pandora Williams

Pandora Williams is a recognized expert and certified weight loss and wellness coach.

Pandora started her personal journey from obesity to health with a BMI of 69.9. Affected by malignant obesity and admitted food addiction, she knew she needed to make lifesaving changes. Due to several years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts, she chose a combination of calorie restrictive diet and bariatric surgery. But it was a lifestyle change to healthy eating and fitness that became her best weapons against obesity.

After losing 250 lb., resulting in a BMI of 29.1, her weight stabilized to 175 lbs which she has triumphantly maintained for over 8 years.

As a result of losing the weight, Pandora Williams found herself.

During her weight loss journey, she developed a love for running. As a result, Pandora found an outlet for her emotions in physical activity and exercise. Following her significant weight loss and wanting to address the excess skin that impacted her mobility and self-image, Pandora did several rounds of reconstructive plastic surgery in order to remove the excess skin that massive weight loss left in it’s wake.

Subsequently, Pandora Williams became an Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Motivator.

Following these incredible changes, she pursued her new passion of fitness and lifestyle changes as new way of life and career choice. She attended courses at The Cooper Institute  completing certifications in Anatomy for Fitness and Wellness, Coaching Healthy Behaviors, and Weight Control Strategies.  Additionally, she has been mentored by Bobby Whisnand, creator of the “It’s All Heart”.

Pandora’s article “Bariatric Fitness: A Healthy Relationship with Exercise” was published on She has spoken as a Motivational Speaker at Peace Health (Southwest Washington Medical Center ), and at the Obesity Action Coalition convention on a panel titled “Expectations of Your Body after Weight-loss Plastic Surgery and Other Options.” Additionally she has given motivational presentations at the National Obesity Help Conference and at the WLSFA annual meet and greet fundraisers.

Next, Pandora Williams became an Advocate for those effected by Obesity.

Pandora Williams is a Trained Advocate and Passionate Member of the OAC ( Obesity Action Coalition ) where she served for several years as a member and Co-chair of their Weight Bias Task Force and received the 2017 Bias Buster of the Year award in recognition of her outstanding efforts in the tireless fight against weight bias and stigma.

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