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1325c41a7d7711e3bad2124a1fe00c8c_8Everyone always wants to know a little about who they are talking to. When you are going to ask someone a question you want to feel confident that their answer will be valuable to you.

Each and every one of you has to choose on your own, whether or not my opinion or answer to your question is valuable enough to you to want to ask it and then, whether or not it works for you. Please remember just because I have an answer, doesn’t mean it’s the right answer for you. But my answer might very well lead you in the right direction and help you find the solution you are looking for.

I was taught in life that you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I intend to always be part of the solution to whatever obstacle or barrier or concern you might be facing in your weight loss journey.

So a little about me: [ Feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile as well. ]

I am a Weight Loss and Wellness Coach at Wilmington Lady Fitness, a ladies only fitness facility located in Wilmington, North Carolina where I do one-on-one Wellness Coaching, one-on-one Weight Loss Coaching, Group Wellness Coaching, and lead a Weight Loss Boot Camp and Weight Loss Booster Circuit Exercise Group. I also assist the club in networking with other weight loss oriented businesses in the Wilmington area to provide our weight loss motivated members with as many tools as possible in their weight loss journey.

I am a high school graduate who before my obesity made me simply unemployable; studied journalism and aspired to be a columnist and dreamed of having my own talk show like Oprah and Ellen.

As an individual once affected by malignant obesity and admitted food addict with a BMI of 69.9 I made a living on various work from home jobs that included things like customer support, data entry, web design, graphics design and sales.

After years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts I choose a combination of calorie restrictive diet, bariatric surgery and a lifestyle change to healthy eating and fitness as my weapons against obesity.

My weight has stabilized at 165 lbs and I have maintained that weight within a 5-lb fluctuation window for over 2 years now.

During my weight loss journey I developed a love for running and found an outlet for my emotions in physical activity and exercise.

After losing over 250 lb. I had (5) different reconstructive plastic surgery procedures to remove the excess skin that was left on my body and battled body image issues.

I have attended courses at The Cooper Institute; and have class completion certifications for Anatomy for Fitness and Wellness, Coaching Healthy Behaviors, Weight Control Strategies and have attended and completed the Live Personal Training Education Course.

I have been mentored by Bobby Whisnand, creator of the “It’s All Heart,” program and am one of the few individuals Bobby trusts to teach his program.

My article “Bariatric Fitness: A Healthy Relationship with Exercise” was published on

I have spoken at I have spoken as a Motivational Speaker at Peace Health ( Southwest Washington Medical Center ) as a Patient Success Story to their Pre-Operative Patients considering Bariatric Surgery at their Orientation Seminars.

I have spoken at the WLSFA leading a peer-to-peer table on the topic of “Plastic Surgery from the patient perspective.”

I have spoken at the Obesity Action Coalition on a panel titled “Expectations of Your Body after Weight-loss Plastic Surgery and Other Options.”

I am a Trained Advocate and Passionate Member of the OAC ( Obesity Action Coalition )



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Author: Pandora Williams

Author of Desperately Seeking Slender

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