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My Letter to Chris Powell

People ask me a lot how I managed to get lucky enough to have Chris and Heidi Powell in my support group via their interaction with me on Facebook and Twitter and why Chris has followed my story. I decided after the last year, it was time to update this page just a little bit and provide you all with a bit of an update.

So roughly a year ago now I wrote [A letter to Chris Powell] and sent it off. On Sunday, just a few days before my 36th birthday I posted the letter on Chris Powell’s Facebook page and was lucky enough to get a response. [Chris Powell Responds to my Letter]

After that first connection I had a few other small interactions with Chris via Facebook but next very noteworthy interaction was when I wrote to him specifically and asked him for help during [One of the Darkest Days of my Weight Loss Journey] on my blog and his response which came just a couple of days later which was documented in my blog [Your Voice Can Be Someone’s Light in the Darkness]

Later in the year I got the amazing opportunity to meet Chris and Heidi in person by attending one of the Extreme Weight Loss Finale Nights which definitely made my year and knocked something off my Bucket list. [A Bucket List Moment, Meeting Chris Powell.]

After meeting Chris and Heidi in Hollywood I reached out to them again in a plea for help when [My YouTube Video: Body Image Issues Take Their Toll] and the Blog that shared it with the community [My Body Issues vs My Support System Them Zero Us One]  and Chris Powell’s Response to it on Facebook.

I shared the accomplishment of my first Half Marathon [I Ran A Half Marathon Daddy, Happy Father’s Day] with them and got the sweetest [Response from Heidi Powell] I could have asked for on Facebook

And I shared with them all how Chris’s theory of “Falling without Failing” had helped me put things in perspective for myself. [Falling Without Failing What Chris Powell Has Taught Me] and Heidi Powell praised me on Facebook for what I had achieved.

And when the scale was freaking me out after this last round of reconstructive plastics I wrote to them both on Facebook asking them how to get through the recent issue I was having with the numbers I was seeing on the scale and the panic it was putting me in. The responses from both Heidi Powell on her Page, and Chris Powell on his page that day were exactly the words I needed to hear in the moment to help myself push through.

I’ve started having people contact me asking me about how to go about writing a letter to Chris Powell. I keep suggesting the exact same thing to everyone. Just write, be yourself and be honest, unfortunately Chris and Heidi Powell can’t help and train every one of us that struggles with our weight loss journey, but when they choose to help you, they are a blessing to have in your corner in whatever way they can be.

A year later I have written a new letter to Chris Powell’s management team and the Casting Staff and producers of Extreme Weight Loss asking them to reconsider the same request I made last year but for slightly different reasons.  I’ll let you know if I hear anything back or not.

I’ve had an amazing year between 36 and 37, and Chris and Heidi  have been an amazing part of it; they have managed to touch my life and affect positive change in it though just their social media interactions with me and through the materials they put out on their websites, in their videos and of course, in Chris Powell’s books, “Choose To Lose” and “Choose To Lose More”.

Though I haven’t quite reached that dream I am chasing yet of becoming a personal trainer, I have high aspirations of getting it done as soon as possible and that is what I am trying to focus on now.


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