My Support System

Having people who encourage you, stand beside you, and support you along the way is such an important thing. I am blessed to have several people in my life who believe in me, what I am capable of, and what I can do. They are my go to people on days that I need someone to believe in me more than I believe in myself.

This page exists  to honor and to thank them. Sadly, Some of the people on this list have left the world. My father taught me to make sure I told people how I felt about them in case there came a time that they were not there. He taught me to make sure I never regretted not telling someone I loved them.

If you are on this list, your are loved, you are special, you are important.

I call these people my “Ride or Dies.”

Alex, Abby and Gabe

You’ve made me want to change the world for you. You three have changed my outlook on life and family. Being your Aunt makes me strive to be a better version of myself in order to be a better role model for you.


You’re my own personal support group. It’s rare in life to have a person that you can tell everything to knowing that they won’t judge you. You are like an Aunt to me. I strive to always be the person I know you see when you look at me.


My ray of sunshine in my negative moments. The friend I can talk to and admit when my mind isn’t where it should be. You let me bitch and complain when others would just tell me to get over it. You understand. You get me.


You’re my moral compass. In those moments that I need a man who understands who I am and where I have been to tell me that the responsibility  and weight of the situation doesn’t all on land on my shoulders, there is you.


All the life lessons I hated learning when I was young. I am grateful for learning now. You are the reason I chased a happier and healthier life. I take you with me in my heart wherever I go. You’re what I believe in most. Still.


When it comes to family, for the most part I got the shitty end of the stick. That is until I was lucky enough to come across my best friend, my soul sister, my life twin. No words can every convey how special you are to me.


In one of my darkest moments, fate put you in my path. You saved me. In a big way. I doubt that you will ever know how loved you are by me. But, I’ll fight for you. In any situation, there is a Pandora on your side and in your corner.


I accepted the loss of no longer having you in my life. But no longer having you in the world has been a hard pill to swallow. You were once my everything. Everything changes. Much of what I know about myself I learned by loving you.


You’re my “Fall guy” and my “Someone who has been there” when I need to talk. Few realize how close we are or how dear you are to me. You kept me from re-living the past and made me look at the future.


My “I need logic and rationality” friend. You’re my “help me see the other side of the equation”, “I know I can trust your judgement,” go to person. My Jimmy Cricket. You are also the biggest running tourism enabler in my life!


I still talk to you for advice. There are so many days I ask myself, “What would Joy think?”or “What would Joy say?” I was not at all prepared for your departure from my world. I miss you every day.


Lifelong friends are rare. Nobody in my life other than my Mother has known me longer than you. The only friend I have that gets to call me “J”. 37 years is a long time to know someone. I’m grateful to be growing old with you.


My “Friendship Angel”. Back when I only had two friends in the entire world, you came into my life. Your welcoming nature encouraged me to get involved. Now, I am blessed with an whole bunch of friends as a result.


You’re my  four-legged soul mate. You helped me conquer paralyzing grief.  You also cost me (and my tribe) the equivalent of a down payment on a house when you ate that corn cob. But,  I love you and I am glad I am your human.


My hero. My Superman. In some lifetime our story ended differently. We know that. In this one, that unconditional love presents itself in a way I can’t even label. You are the safety net that lets me move without fear of falling. I love you.

Miss Kay 

You’re like a mother to me.  My Godmother. Without realizing it, you’ve helped me accept God. Your kind, generous and loving nature and your ability to speak of the lord without shoving him down my throat has allowed me to find him.


It took until this last year for me to forgive, forget and accept your love. Thank you for being patient and letting me find our relationship on my own terms. You’re becoming one of my best friends again. I love you.


You’re my role model. I know I drive you crazy with questions. Me looking up to you is a heavy responsibility in the world. But, I love you. You are truly one of my best friends in the entire world. I would move mountains for you.


You are my Disney running sole sister. You’ve been there for me when others would have given up on me. Your friendship and kindness will never go unappreciated in my life. I love you. “Do you want run a half marathon?”


My “get your head out of your ass and put on your big girl panties” friend.  My owl of wisdom. My spirit guide. You point me toward the silver lining and are a beacon of light I look toward in dark moments. You are stronger than you know.


I wasn’t looking for you. I was looking for me. But, you made me laugh. You know me. You make me a better version of myself.  You calm my chaos and help me stop and breath. I love you. Like I -really- love you.


You are my glue. You hold all my pieces together. Not every girl is lucky enough to have two men adopt her as their daughter. You’ve been a father to me when you didn’t have to me. I have survived because you loved me.

These people make up my support system.

A good support system is essential to your weight loss journey. Support isn’t something you can gift to yourself. It is something that has to come from others. Recognizing who your support people are is a key to long term success. These are my ride or dies. I am not sure I would have made it this far without them.

To all of you on this list, I love you. Thank you for loving and supporting me.

Do you need a little support?

Until I found all of the people in my support system, I had nobody. I felt alone in my fight against obesity. I want to make sure you never feel alone.

Obesity is a nasty disease. We’re never really cured from it. But, we can achieve recovery. You just have to be willing to fight. Are you ready to fight obesity and looking for a little support and motivation? You might also consider joining my Obesity Rebel Facebook Group.

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There is a whole squad of bad ass Obesity Rebels there to help inspire you. We’re there to help motivate you and support you. Plus, we have the wisdom and guidance that our own weight loss experience has afforded us.

Warm Regards,

Pandora Williams