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Having people who support you, stand behind you, and encourage and support you along the way is such an important thing. I am blessed to have several people in my life that probably believe in me, what I am capable of, and what I can do more than I believe in myself most days.

I just want to take a moment to thank them all!


Jason – You’re my everything

Dad – You’re what I believe in most. Still.

Heather – You’re my anything

Tom – You’re my glue

Bev – You’re my own personal support group

Debbie – You’re my best friend

 Colin – You’re my moral compass.

 Alex & Abby – You’ve made me want to change the world for you.

 Ashli – Thanks for believing in what I can do & being the type of friend to do anything to help me!

 Cathy – My WLS Coordinator, I can’t even begin to thank you for being in my corner.

 Odin – Thanks for our walks and laying with me when I hurt. You’re my 4 legged soul mate!

 Manny – My new 4 legged baby, we got you on my Dad’s birthday and I expect you to run with us.

 Joy – In a short time you have become one of the people I know I can trust to be there when times are good and bad.

 Rain – You inspire me to remember my path and redirect me when I fall into the poppit.

 Jennifer – You have taught me that I don’t need anything other than what I have to help people change their lives.

 Keisha – You make me believe in good people and I model myself after your approach as a blogger.

 Yvonne – You always remind me to see the best in things and redirect me when old negative thoughts seep in.

 Laura – You’re like my WLS Mama, not sure how I got that honor, but thank you for caring about me and supporting my dreams.

 Chris Powell – Your contact with me on Facebook and your words of praise and guidance when I’ve needed them has made you my “Coach” in my book. You have empowered me to remember what is mine and stop listening to ghosts that have no business in my world. Someday I hope to hug you and say thank you, but I’m going to make sure that I help others the way you helped me as my thank you until then.


I love you all. Thank you all for loving me.

Author: Pandora Williams

Author of Desperately Seeking Slender

This is #MyBariLife

BariLife has decided to send me back to Paris to represent the WLS Community as I attempt to find my love of running again.
Please take the time to visit their website and check them out!

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