DssButton125Dear Fellow Tinkers and Slender Seekers,

As we start this journey together I want to thank you. For deciding to participate in this event. I feel like doing things in groups like this empowers us and helps us achieve our goals. Being among a group of individuals we feel understands us and shares similar issues and obstacles in our lives can be a huge positive factor in our adherence to a fitness program like the one we are about to begin together.

I cannot wait to share this journey with you. I cannot wait until we complete a half marathon together. And as part of my enthusiasm I want to gift you with the first official Desperately Seeking Slender Virtual Event Bibs – I have plans for these Bibs – and as usual my plans involve prizes for participants. So Step #1 – Print out your bib, take a photo holding it and send it to me at pandora@desperatelyseekingslender.com and show me how motivated you are. I’ll give a bonus entry point to anyone that does “The Slender” while holding their event bib. Hint: \O/

To save your bib to you computer just hit the pause button on the slide-show when you see your name/number and then right-click on the image and select “Save Image As” if you have any problems and need your event bib e-mailed to you please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address above.

  • 0001 Pandora Williams
  • 0002 Dawn Brell
  • 0003 Kevin Levin
  • 0004 Jennifer Coleman
  • 0005 Trish Vallee
  • 0006 Carrie K Kettner-Wiener
  • 0007 Toni Waldman Filippin
  • 0008 Anita Carley
  • 0009 Jessica Paramore
  • 0010 Jessica Shreve Dickey
  • 0011 Melissa Potts Stallcup
  • 0012 Jennifer Mahoney
  • 0013 Kelly Schaefer