#TeamSlenderSeekers #WineDinec210kPrep Virtual Event

Welcome to the Training Schedule for Team Slender Seekers. Our goal in doing this 13 Week Program is to be able to establish a 10K Race Time for submission to RunDisney in time for corral placement for the RunDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  I know we can do this, hard work, courage and dedication is all it takes.

Most importantly though, I know YOU can too! That’s why I want to invite you to join us! Have you ever thought about doing a 10k Before? I  don’t care if you walk it, run it, jog it, sprint it, or skip through the entire thing like we were following the yellow brick road. You can even crawl across the finish line if you need too.  What I care about is that if you want to do it, you try to do it and I want to help inspire and motivate you.

Before I ever considered running a half marathon with everyone watching, I made sure I could do it on my own. I completed my own personal half marathon, in honor of my Father on Father’s Day of 2013. – You’ll notice the #WineDineC210kPrep Team Slender Training Schedule does the same thing. Our training schedule was designed specifically to make sure that we do not just a 6.2 mile run but a 7 mile run so that when it comes to time for that 10K, you have no doubt in your mind that you are ready.

You’ll notice that some days are listed as Walk, IAH, or CT days. These are days that we are not jogging, running or running intervals as we train. They are days that we are slowing it down a bit and either walking, cross training like on an elliptical or performing another sort of cardio exercise. For Amy and I, we will be doing It’s All Heart on these days. It’s All Heart is a top-notch exercise program that incorporates cardio vascular exercise in the form of cardio segments along with resistance band based strength and resistance and was designed by me Mentor Bobby Whisnand. If you would like to join us in doing the It’s All Heart Program on our cross training days, you can purchase Bobby’s Program here. And let me tell you, it’s an amazing program!

So whether you’re walking, running, think you might want to run, or think you would only run if you were being chased…  I invite you to join Amy and I in participating in the training schedule. Why? Because completing a 10k together no matter how we get there, will be an amazing accomplishment. If you would like to participate with us and share in our journey, just share your experience with us in the Desperately Seeking Slender – #TeamSlenderSeekers #WineDinec210kPrep Group

Team Slender Seekers would like to send a special shout out to the “How do YOU Celebrate Success” Contest Sponsors who made Amy Smith being part of this team and this entire experience all possible. AmeriWell Bariatrics,  WellesseCelebrate VitaminsKay’s Naturals, and BariMelts. I dreamed it, you made it all possible.

We are still looking for team sponsors. If you are interested in Sponsoring our team please contact me at: pandora@desperatelyseekingslender.com


By the way Slender Seekers: This post massive weight loss exercise enthusiast has little different definition of running than most might. I think my fastest mile ever is still over 12 minutes. For me, if I am moving fast enough that I feel like I can “Get away” from whatever is bothering me, I’m running. And therein’ lies some of my own intrinsic motivation and a clue as to something you might all need to know for my next contest.


Disclaimer: Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting any exercise program.

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