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25 08, 2013

Why I Choose The Tinkerbell Half Marathon

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Today has started with so many projects half-open on my desk being worked on. But as a bariatric fitness enthusiast I have to stop and take a moment to share an exciting revelation with you as it pertains to my WLS fitness and wellness path. So as many of you know I am still looking to and attempting to gather the sponsorship to secure my way to the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January. My [...]

8 08, 2013

Bariatric Fitness Contest Winner Prepares for Half Marathon

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Today's Blog is a Guest Blog from our  first big Bariatric Fitness contest  winner  Dawn Brell. Dawn is checking in with us to let us know how she has been doing since she won the "How do YOU Celebrate Success" contest earlier this month and what she is doing to work out getting ready for our Half Marathon together at Disneyland in Anaheim CA. You know this WLS Fitness Enthusiast is happy to hear from her. As I lay in the [...]

22 07, 2013

Winner of Bariatric Fitness Contest Shares her Excitement

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So while this WLS Exercise enthusiast is laid up recovering from my most recent round of reconstructive plastic surgery I have to say that I am living a vicariously through Dawn Brell, the winner of the Desperately Seeking Slender “How do YOU Celebrate Success” contest that allowed one my blog readers to take on the adventure of heading to Anaheim CA with me in January of 2014 to take on our first official Half Marathon [...]

8 07, 2013

Winner of Bariatric Fitness Half Marathon Contest Giveaway

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Alright folks our very first WLS Fitness oriented contest has come to a close. After reading ALL of the essays submitted and after watching the one video submission we received, the judges have reached a verdict! and it is time to announce our contest winner. But before I do, I want to send a huge thank you to our Sponsors Kay's Naturals, Celebrate Vitamins and Pace Setter Athletics for making this all possible. I have [...]

25 06, 2013

Falling Without Failing What Chris Powell has Taught Me

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As you all know I am a big fan of Chris Powell. Chris and his kind-hearted wife Heidi Powell through their communications with me on Facebook have become an integral part of my weight loss journey and huge motivators in my desire and determination to become a personal trainer. Chris often mentions the need to learn to "Fall without Failing" - What this concept teaches is that we have to expect that there are going to [...]