Excess Skin after Massive Weight Loss

31 07, 2013

Emotions Post Reconstructive Plastic Surgery After WLS

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I'm behind on blogs and there are so many I need to write. Since this is the most prevalent in my mind, it will get written first. As usual, I will be sharing the full experience of this fourth bout of reconstructive plastic surgery with you once I am fully healed and can write about it from bringing to end. What I want to talk about today is the emotional and mental aspect of this [...]

6 06, 2013

After Hurricane Comes a Rainbow – Selecting my Surgeon

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As I spoke to several of my closest friends yesterday to share my news, one comment stood out most to me among them all. "You lead a charmed life Pandora, Life is making up for every horrible thing you have been through." -  Keisha (Waning Woman) I believe this to be 100{6e74c841b8f362d8aea590534016dc569fd3035eeb9e530df8846b42682c6656} true. Somewhere along the line in my weight loss journey, the universe decided that it was time to turn the cards around for [...]

24 05, 2013

My Body Issues vs My Support System Them Zero Us One

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I sit here with tears in my eyes still. Though I suppose it is better because they are a mixture of a bunch of emotions instead of the overwhelming sense of despair that I was filled with this morning. You'd think after three sessions of Plastic Surgery I'd be more prepared for what this part of the journey offers me. False. It throws me curve balls constantly. Try having consults with 4 different surgeons and [...]