Fat Shaming

26 09, 2018

Paris Sans Obesity

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If you have ever suffered from obesity you’ve probably had the experience of laying in bed at night thinking about all the things you would do and how different your life would be if you were not “fat”. Yes, I said “fat”. Let’s be honest, it is the word we use in our head when we beat ourselves up emotionally for suffering from this disease. I can’t tell you how many times I laid in [...]

7 09, 2015

Nicole Arbour’s Perfect Example of Fat-Shaming

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A new video entitled “Dear Fat People” hit YouTube a few days ago. This video features Nicole Arbour, a Canadian comedian, recording artist, actor, writer, choreographer and producer displaying very prominent views of weight bias and fat-shaming. Well Miss Arbour, you’re right about one thing, some people are already offended and I’m one of them. Fat-Shaming is very much a thing. It’s an unproductive and emotionally damaging thing. The saddest part of fat-shaming is that [...]

7 04, 2014

Self Advocacy; What You Allow in Your Emotional Headspace

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Dear Slender Seekers, I've received a few letters from some of the #SlenderSeekers out there that heard that I got up and left the room during the Lisa Lampanelli show at the WLSFA event the other night and wanted to know why, so I wanted to take a moment to explain. We each have different paths and different journeys, we each arrive at different places at different times. For me personally my path and my [...]

11 10, 2013

Has the WLS Community become an Over Sensitive Population?

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This is probably going to make me very unpopular. It is a good thing that I gave up any hope of Prom Queen back in 1994. Even knowing the potential result... I am going to say it. I believe we have gone too far. It hit me when I was approached by a longtime friend of mine; who though also affected by obesity informed me they no longer felt comfortable interacting with me on Facebook [...]

13 06, 2013

Lets Box Obesity Together at YMW2013 with the OAC

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It is the beginning of June. ( Or it was when I started writing this blog ) The months ahead of me are full of adventure as I embark on the next part of my weight loss journey. June begins with me heading to Dallas to work on my studies to become a personal trainer, taking some courses at the Cooper Institute and make my final decision on what plastic surgeon I am going to [...]