15 10, 2016

We Will Always Have Disney Paris

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... We will always have Paris! There is a famous line from a famous movie of which I have never seen: “We’ll always have Paris.” From what I understand it’s a line used in parting as the lead character realizes that the end of their romance is over and he fondly consoles her by reminding her that they will always have good memories. Obviously since I am quoting this movie, I will have [...]

23 10, 2014

My Health Hero – Chris and Heidi Powell

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Last week I received an email from the Outreach Coordinator at a company called Oscar Insurance who provides health insurance in New York and New Jersey.  They were looking for influential bloggers to write about their Health Hero, a person in their life that helps them stay on track and stay healthy as part of their campaign to help spread the news about their new approach to healthcare. I’m not the type to take the word “Hero” [...]

17 06, 2013

I ran a Half Marathon Daddy Happy Fathers Day

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Today is Father's Day and I'm struggling with missing my Dad terribly. I miss my Dad everyday but I think there are some days when it is worse than others. Father's Day, the anniversary of the day he passed away, and his Birthday. Yesterday, I ran a 5K in honor of my Father at the Dadfest 5K in Frisco Texas. I finished in just under 37 minutes and then doubled back to where my friends [...]

22 03, 2013

Training To Become a Personal Trainer

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Once in a while you meet someone and you just click. You goals are so similar and you are so passionate about the same things that when you are together it's like you feed on each other's positive energy. I call this "Motivation Transference." Bobby Whisnand Leading the Walk from Obesity at the OAC Inaugural Convention Dallas Texas October 2012 If you are someone who reads my blog and finds themselves motivated by [...]

6 01, 2013

How NKOTB Saved my Life – 2013 Tour Announced!

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Okay that’s it – I can’t hold back, I have to say it again, I LOVE 2013 so far. So far this year has been freaking amazing AND it just gets better. But first, you have to understand why this is so amazing to me. I had a pretty bad childhood, I’m honest about that, but one thing that I was never lacking was toys. I was spoiled rotten; my parents let me have just [...]

5 01, 2013

Why Weight Loss Surgery?

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My friend Jessica at Bariatric Beginnings wrote a blog today called Why Weight Loss Surgery. It addresses the seemingly common occurrence of WLS patients being told that by having weight loss surgery they took the easy way out.  Jessica discusses the process to surgery, she explains that for many we are taking our lives back…  I've decided to elaborate a little bit… Hi I am Pandora; I used to weigh 420 lbs. The first time I [...]

21 10, 2012

DSS:E004 Who I’d Most Like to See me Thin

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Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 004 Who I'd Most Like To See Me Thin Today Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 004: In this Episode of Desperately Seeking Slender we discuss, "Who we'd most like to see us thin today." which leads to a more in-depth and personal sharing of the connection I feel to my Father when I'm exercising. This Episode Also Features: Run with me, Making Me Move, Weight Loss in the News, Fitness Facts, and [...]

12 10, 2012

DSS:E003 Mental Health & The Emotional Weight Loss Journey

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Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 003 Mental Health & The Emotional Weight Loss Journey Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 003: Inspired my Mental Health Awareness Day on Oct 11th; in this Episode we discuss the Emotional Roller Coaster of the weight loss journey, how Mental Health is a prevalent obstacle amount weight loss focused individuals. I'll discuss a little about my own battles with Mental Health issues. Desperately Seeking Slender Episode three also features: A Day with [...]