Food Addictions

21 02, 2016

The Me vs Her Perspective

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I have a lot of photos of myself from days long past. Photos of myself at an extremely unhealthy weight. Photos of myself at a time that I was eating as a way of dealing with my emotions. These pictures represent a time in my life where I was constantly sad, constantly depressed. They represent a time when I felt completely unworthy. They are pictures of a woman who put on a fake smile to [...]

23 10, 2014

My Health Hero – Chris and Heidi Powell

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Last week I received an email from the Outreach Coordinator at a company called Oscar Insurance who provides health insurance in New York and New Jersey.  They were looking for influential bloggers to write about their Health Hero, a person in their life that helps them stay on track and stay healthy as part of their campaign to help spread the news about their new approach to healthcare. I’m not the type to take the word “Hero” [...]