Life after Weight Loss

5 01, 2013

Why Weight Loss Surgery?

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My friend Jessica at Bariatric Beginnings wrote a blog today called Why Weight Loss Surgery. It addresses the seemingly common occurrence of WLS patients being told that by having weight loss surgery they took the easy way out.  Jessica discusses the process to surgery, she explains that for many we are taking our lives back…  I've decided to elaborate a little bit… Hi I am Pandora; I used to weigh 420 lbs. The first time I [...]

3 01, 2013

Desperately Seeking Protein Powder Giveaway!

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So when I find a product I really like I tend to like to share it. Lucky for me, some of the companies I like, like to share their products too! I had been desperately seeking a protein powder that I really LIKED for going on three years. Then I found CHIKE! One taste of their High Protein Iced Coffee and I was theirs. Then, they really sealed the deal when they sent me a [...]

2 01, 2013

CHIKE gives me the confidence to make a 2013 Protein Goal

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Alright my friends. 2013 is here and I have promised myself that this will be the biggest year yet for me. I've made goals and resolutions. One of my big personal goals this year is to make sure that I incorporate more Protein drinks into my routine. Protein drinks are really important for me when I am exercising hard. When I start really pushing it in the gym I NEED that protein drink each day [...]

1 01, 2013

New Years Resolutions Goals Dreams and Wishes

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It's just a little after midnight and it's New Year's Eve, but it won't be until this time tomorrow we are all celebrating. This time last year Dec. 31, 2011 I was baking a Sugar Free Sacre Torte for my Austrian Jewish "Second Father" Tom as he is one of those babies that just had to ruin his Mother's New Year's Eve Party by deciding to be born. I was also spending my first Holiday [...]

28 12, 2012

Moments We Will Remember Forever In Our Weight Loss Journey

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There are days in our lives that we will never forget. Moments and memories forever etched into our minds that have written part of who we are with their mere existence. I want you to think for a moment of a scene from your favorite book, for me it's always that moment in Great Expectations where Pip is standing in the graveyard at the end of the story and he realizes that his life has [...]

27 12, 2012

Emotions Surfacing With Too Much Time to Think

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Ok let's get raw, after all, that is sort of what you are used to with me right? I'm one of those blunt, tell it like it is, call it like I see it girls that tend to rub people the wrong way if they don't appreciate that sort of personality type. I am also one of the most supportive people you will ever meet and if you ever need someone fighting in your corner [...]

27 12, 2012

My Third Christmas Post Weight Loss Surgery

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I feel like I have so many things to do and catch up on, especially in the online world, that I am starting to panic that I'm "playing" too much. It's nearly 10pm on December 26th, the day after Christmas when life begins to return to "normal" and the end of the Holiday season approaches. I had a couple really rough days leading up to Christmas. Murphy's Law got me again and I was lucky [...]

11 12, 2012

Positive Body Image Mission 2013 Commencing

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I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I saw a link on Twitter today that came from that asked "How Healthy is your body Image?" I decided to take the quick quiz and see what my results were. This is what I came out with.   How Positive is Your Body Image? Body image affects how you feel about yourself, how you project yourself, and how you care for your own health. Answer the following questions [...]

7 12, 2012

Christmas Shopping for the Post Weight Loss Fitness Junkie

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So I need a break from all the seriousness that has been going on in life recently and need to take some time to just be fun and light-hearted. with that in mind I decided to do a life after WLS, Post Gastric Bypass, Healthy Lifestyle Christmas list and share it with all of you. Actually let me translate. I'm making this list so that you can forward it to your husbands, family members and [...]

3 12, 2012

The Pain of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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I know that a lot of people have questions about the reconstructive Plastic Surgery aspect of the weight loss journey. With that in mind, as I write about my experience with Reconstructive Plastic Surgery over the next few blogs, I want you all to know that I will do a final wrap up blog where I will answer any questions that you all send in. So if you have any questions about the Reconstructive Plastic [...]