7 09, 2015

Nicole Arbour’s Perfect Example of Fat-Shaming

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A new video entitled “Dear Fat People” hit YouTube a few days ago. This video features Nicole Arbour, a Canadian comedian, recording artist, actor, writer, choreographer and producer displaying very prominent views of weight bias and fat-shaming. Well Miss Arbour, you’re right about one thing, some people are already offended and I’m one of them. Fat-Shaming is very much a thing. It’s an unproductive and emotionally damaging thing. The saddest part of fat-shaming is that [...]

12 10, 2014

The Teeter-Totter of Weight Bias

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As a Weight Loss and Wellness Coach, I often use the illustration of a teeter-totter when sitting down with a new client to go over the theory of “calories in, calories out” and to explain the importance of putting good fuel in our bodies to support vigorous activity. As I lay in bed restless tonight, I am thinking about an article I read about people who sit on both sides of the spectrum of weight [...]

28 09, 2013

Utah Football Coach Teaches Anti-bullying and Human Decency

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Every once in a while I just have to stop, put my hands together and applaud, especially when I see someone taking a stand an anti-bullying stand. I'm a huge advocate when it comes to weight bias and bullying, it is a cause I will stand up and fight passionately for. Nobody gets to stand there and pick on someone, make them feel bad or bully them with me around. Or at least, most accurately [...]

27 08, 2013

Obesity Action Coalition Second Annual Convention #YWM2013

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So I am back in Oregon after attending the Obesity Action Coalition’s second annual Your Weight Matters Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Things have settled down a little. I had a few days with friends to unwind and now it is time to tell you about the amazing adventure that I had in Phoenix. We arrived on Wednesday flying in with my friend Kesha from Waning Woman and enough bags to likely provide clothes for all of our friends at [...]

13 06, 2013

Lets Box Obesity Together at YMW2013 with the OAC

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It is the beginning of June. ( Or it was when I started writing this blog ) The months ahead of me are full of adventure as I embark on the next part of my weight loss journey. June begins with me heading to Dallas to work on my studies to become a personal trainer, taking some courses at the Cooper Institute and make my final decision on what plastic surgeon I am going to [...]

13 03, 2013

Does the WLS Community Feel Like High School?

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Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, It's taken me awhile to decide how I wanted to approach this topic… Let me share a story with you… A Picture of Me at 15 It was my Sophomore year of High School and in general, I wasn't a very happy teenager. I had a very hard time making friends, I rarely fit in, and any boys that showed any sign of liking me wanted to keep it [...]

1 03, 2013

Ellen Inspires my new Letter to Joan Rivers about Fat Jokes

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Yesterday I wrote a blog about WLS Plastics from the Patient Perspective. There was a reference in it to a school yard bully incident that I used to help people understand the psychological stigma that such encounters can have on you even 20 years later… The hall was crowded, kids bustling around as they rushed to their lockers to get their books for their next class. She stood at her locker with her back against [...]

13 01, 2013

My spin on WLS Advocacy – What I am doing to help

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A lot of people have asked me about my involvement with the Flab to Fabulous Pageant since segment aired on KOIN6 Local News on January 11,2013 about my weight loss journey didn't really go into great details and they didn't air any of the details they had about organizations that I am passionate about. Last week, I was named the Ms. Fabulous 2012 Honoree and invited to the pageant week in Atlanta GA scheduled to take [...]

8 01, 2013

Chris Powell answers my letter. Please help make my dream come true.

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I've got to take a deep breath. I need to write this all down and honestly I’m so excited about everything that is happening right now that it’s hard to bring myself to stop and actually do that. I posted on my Facebook account on January 3rd, “You know that old saying go big or go home? I’m actually scared of something I got brave and decided to do, Details to come soon.” That was [...]