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28 09, 2013

Utah Football Coach Teaches Anti-bullying and Human Decency

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Every once in a while I just have to stop, put my hands together and applaud, especially when I see someone taking a stand an anti-bullying stand. I'm a huge advocate when it comes to weight bias and bullying, it is a cause I will stand up and fight passionately for. Nobody gets to stand there and pick on someone, make them feel bad or bully them with me around. Or at least, most accurately [...]

7 08, 2013

Weight Bias at NKOTB Concert – A Different View Post WLS

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I've taken a little bit to write about this experience because I needed to sit on it and decide if I felt that there was any weight bias present before I broached it. My chosen sister and I have been friends of going on ten years now. We have been New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB fans since they first appeared on scene in 1988 as the USA's first real Teen Beat, Heart Throb [...]

13 06, 2013

Lets Box Obesity Together at YMW2013 with the OAC

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It is the beginning of June. ( Or it was when I started writing this blog ) The months ahead of me are full of adventure as I embark on the next part of my weight loss journey. June begins with me heading to Dallas to work on my studies to become a personal trainer, taking some courses at the Cooper Institute and make my final decision on what plastic surgeon I am going to [...]

21 05, 2013

Ellen says “Fitch, Please” to Weight Discrimination

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I had every intention of writing a blog today about my wonderful weekend at the WLSFA Event. I have so many great things to share, but I am afraid that will have to wait, something more important to our community is on my mind this morning. Yesterday Ellen Degeneres weighed in on the current controversy surrounding a public statement by Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries that the brand was "Absolutely Exclusionary" and only "wants [...]

26 02, 2013

One Person Can Make a Difference Choose To Be That Person

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It’s so hard for me to decide what to write about sometimes. Usually I have so many ideas that picking one is difficult, tonight though I have one pressing thought in my mind. "One Person Can Make a Difference." Pam Davis and I at the OAC Convention Costume Party Welcoming Ceremonies Dinner in Dallas, TX October 2012 This was the title of a blog post by Pam Davis, RN, CBN, Chairman of the OAC Board [...]

28 12, 2012

Moments We Will Remember Forever In Our Weight Loss Journey

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There are days in our lives that we will never forget. Moments and memories forever etched into our minds that have written part of who we are with their mere existence. I want you to think for a moment of a scene from your favorite book, for me it's always that moment in Great Expectations where Pip is standing in the graveyard at the end of the story and he realizes that his life has [...]

30 10, 2012

Obesity Action Coalition Convention 2012 Day 1

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So I had every intention of writing blogs and doing a video at the OAC Convention, then I got there and realized how incredibly busy I was going to be and how many new friends I would be wanting to spend time with and decided the writing must wait. So we arrived in Dallas on Wednesday. Heather and I got checked into the Hilton Anatole and got our room in the Tower area of the [...]