Vitamins After WLS

17 11, 2018

Hair Skin and Nail Formula – BariLife Product Review

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It's time for a product review! This month we're going to be talking about the Hair, Skin and Nail Formula from BariLife. Because, I am an honest WLS Blogger; I'll admit that I am remiss in getting this review published. As usual, you have great intentions, then life happens and other things sort of take priority. This product review as slated for October. But, I was suddenly dealing with the passing of [...]

6 06, 2018

How This Obesity Rebel Solves Her Vitamin Compliancy Issues

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With Summer quickly approaching, it’s time to take a break from my recent blog series “Sex Love and Obesity” and talk about something that this Obesity Rebel just really thinks you need to know exists. Vitamins delivered in the form of Watermelon goodness. Let me tell you something about me. My name is Pandora, I’m an RNY Gastric bypass patient and while I am supposed to take my vitamins on a regular basis to avoid [...]