Weight Loss Journey

8 01, 2013

Chris Powell answers my letter. Please help make my dream come true.

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I've got to take a deep breath. I need to write this all down and honestly I’m so excited about everything that is happening right now that it’s hard to bring myself to stop and actually do that. I posted on my Facebook account on January 3rd, “You know that old saying go big or go home? I’m actually scared of something I got brave and decided to do, Details to come soon.” That was [...]

19 12, 2012

Sometimes Reality Sucks. That’s Reality.

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This is going to be deep. I'm a blogger, it's what I do. If you don't want to share my emotional journey with me stop reading right now, this isn't going to be a light-hearted or happy blog post. I'm angry at myself. I feel guilty. I've made some decisions that my family is about to dramatically pay for and I am not as confident as I once was that these were the right decisions [...]

17 11, 2012

Finally Loosing the Emotional Weight

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I've sat on this for years. In fact, I've sat on it as long as I can remember. Now I feel the need to express it, because let's be frank, there are others out there having the same experience I have, and if they can glean some wisdom through mine and perhaps avoid the emotional heartache that I have endured by finding their Healthy Voice a little sooner than I did, then I have done [...]

12 10, 2012

DSS:E003 Mental Health & The Emotional Weight Loss Journey

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Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 003 Mental Health & The Emotional Weight Loss Journey Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 003: Inspired my Mental Health Awareness Day on Oct 11th; in this Episode we discuss the Emotional Roller Coaster of the weight loss journey, how Mental Health is a prevalent obstacle amount weight loss focused individuals. I'll discuss a little about my own battles with Mental Health issues. Desperately Seeking Slender Episode three also features: A Day with [...]