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HDYCS2 Contest Rules and Regulations

How Do You Celebrate Success Contest Rules and Regulations

You must be willing to fly to the race location and participate in the 13.1 mile event.

You must be willing to participate in a BOTH a 13-week long Couch to 10K (March 16, 2014 – June 15, 2014) and a 20-week long half-marathon training program (June 21, 2014 – November 09, 2014) prior to the event.

You must be willing to log your 13-week long Couch to 10K  and 20-week long half marathon-training and share your log with blog readers each once a week leading up to the event.

You must be willing to write one guest blog on each month leading up to the event that highlights how you feel about the journey we are on together. (March – November – Please note this is a (9) article commitment.)

You must be willing to share your experience weekly via your own social networking media such as but not limited to Facebook or Twitter during the 13-week long Couch to 10K and 20-week long half-marathon training program leading up to the event.

You must understand that you will be asked to participate in an official timed 10K race between June 15– July 15, 2014 and submit your official time to RunDisney for corral placement on or before August 01, 2014

You must allow the publication of all written materials related to this event to be published by and the contest sponsors.

You must agree to provide multimedia content such as videos and photos during your training and journey and allow the publication of said content to be published by and the event sponsors.

Participation in this promotion is contingent on understanding and agreeing to liability guidelines set forth by both Desperately Seeking Slender and RunDisney.

You must agree in writing that all material submitted to or published on becomes the property of and may be used in future promotional event by either Desperately Seeking Slender or Sponsors of the “This is How I Celebrate” contest.

Contest is open to residents of the Continental United states.

Forfeiture of prize – In the event that contest winner does not show up for event date, participation will be deemed forfeited and any money not spent or eligible for refund will be donated to the Obesity Action Coalition.

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