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6 10, 2011

Comfort Food is just so… Comforting

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Fall is here, it’s showing outside more and more the autumn colors and falling leaves, things are getting wetter, and I’m enjoying it, though I’m not sure how much more outdoor exercise time I have before things start getting too wet to be out running in it, I’ve never exercised outdoor in poor weather. I’m willing to brave some sprinkles and light showers, not sure I can run in an all-out down poor thought. I’m [...]

5 10, 2011

An Inspirational Internet Muse…

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I need to start blogging again, why I haven’t been is irrelevant at this point, well not completely, but it is stuff I need to put behind me and get back to what I need to do. Shelly over at The World According to Eggface as usual found a way to motivate me without even realizing it! Another super snazzy give away and an extra chance to win if I blog about her contest, amazing [...]