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30 11, 2012

Post Reconstructive Thigh Lift

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Okay folks, I'm doped up on Oxycodone as I sit here with my legs strategically positioned to cause me the least amount of pain possible trying to recover from yesterday's Thigh Lift. Okay so I've always said that when I got to the end of these plastic surgeries that I would discuss it all honestly and bluntly, so that's what I'm going to do… So first let's talk about pain. But to do that we [...]

17 11, 2012

Finally Loosing the Emotional Weight

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I've sat on this for years. In fact, I've sat on it as long as I can remember. Now I feel the need to express it, because let's be frank, there are others out there having the same experience I have, and if they can glean some wisdom through mine and perhaps avoid the emotional heartache that I have endured by finding their Healthy Voice a little sooner than I did, then I have done [...]

16 11, 2012

Obesity Action Coalition Convention Day 4

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So it's my last day in Dallas and I think I was easily out till 2am again last night socializing in the Media Bar at the Hilton Anatole that we are staying at for the OAC Convention. I know I've done a lot of late nights this weekend and I have no doubt my body is going to make me pay for it in the next couple of days. We'll see. But this day was [...]

15 11, 2012

Obesity Action Coalition Convention Day 3

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I could tell you some crazy stories about my third day at the OAC convention, really I could, but if you want the really juicy details you have to come meet me at the next Convention and find out for yourself. I'm just kidding really. But on a serious note, let's talk about what I did on Day Three of the Obesity Action Coalition's First Inaugural Convention. I'm going to admit that I probably didn't [...]

6 11, 2012

Obesity Action Coalition Convention Day 2

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Okay so maybe, and I'm just saying, maybe staying out as late as I did Wednesday night wasn't the brightest thing I did. But I made several friends that night that I know will last a lifetime now and I'm willing to accept the fact that I sacrificed 7am Aqua-fit in order to make those friends. I'm sure I can find a Aqua-fit Class at 24-hr Fitness when I get home and give it a [...]