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27 08, 2013

Obesity Action Coalition Second Annual Convention #YWM2013

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So I am back in Oregon after attending the Obesity Action Coalition’s second annual Your Weight Matters Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Things have settled down a little. I had a few days with friends to unwind and now it is time to tell you about the amazing adventure that I had in Phoenix. We arrived on Wednesday flying in with my friend Kesha from Waning Woman and enough bags to likely provide clothes for all of our friends at [...]

25 08, 2013

Why I Choose The Tinkerbell Half Marathon

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Today has started with so many projects half-open on my desk being worked on. But as a bariatric fitness enthusiast I have to stop and take a moment to share an exciting revelation with you as it pertains to my WLS fitness and wellness path. So as many of you know I am still looking to and attempting to gather the sponsorship to secure my way to the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January. My [...]

14 08, 2013

All of Me Movie Screening – A Post RNY Patient Perspective

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I used to think I put "All of me" out there. I used to believe that my life was an open book and that everyone was allowed to read each and ever chapter through my blog and this website. The other day I had the pleasure of watching the screening of the movie "All of me," and you want to talk about putting yourself out there, these women left nothing about themselves and their journey [...]

8 08, 2013

Bariatric Fitness Contest Winner Prepares for Half Marathon

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Today's Blog is a Guest Blog from our  first big Bariatric Fitness contest  winner  Dawn Brell. Dawn is checking in with us to let us know how she has been doing since she won the "How do YOU Celebrate Success" contest earlier this month and what she is doing to work out getting ready for our Half Marathon together at Disneyland in Anaheim CA. You know this WLS Fitness Enthusiast is happy to hear from her. As I lay in the [...]

7 08, 2013

Weight Bias at NKOTB Concert – A Different View Post WLS

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I've taken a little bit to write about this experience because I needed to sit on it and decide if I felt that there was any weight bias present before I broached it. My chosen sister and I have been friends of going on ten years now. We have been New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB fans since they first appeared on scene in 1988 as the USA's first real Teen Beat, Heart Throb [...]

5 08, 2013

Sex – Excess Skin and Body Contouring After WLS Weight Loss

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I'm a Gastric Bypass patient that has lost 260 lb. I'm a WLS Exercise and Bariatric Fitness Enthusiast and I am now a four time Reconstructive Plastic Surgery patient. I've written several articles that approach the concept of Body Contouring Surgery after WLS or Massive weight loss from a couple different directions, the emotional journey, the body image issues, the pain involved, I've even talked about body functions and genital relocation. This next topic shouldn't [...]

2 08, 2013

Poo Pee Your Genitals and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Being a WLS Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Patient myself, there are a few things that I have learned in the last 17 months that I REALLY wish people had told me and taught me about before hand. Let me just say, this isn't the sort of information that I could have found on the internet, it isn't for the faint of heart, and if my talking about body functions, defecation, or the change in location of [...]