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25 02, 2019

Sex, Love and Obesity Part 24 – Using Sex as a Drug

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In Sex Love and Obesity Part 23 I had a major slip in my decision making while attending a convention in Portland. In that moment, albeit unintentionally, I had lit a match to my life. The decisions I made in this over emotional state would quite literally start to burn down everything around me. I didn't recognize it yet but using sex as a go-to feel better drug was a problem. Let's [...]

18 02, 2019

Sex Love and Obesity Part 23 – Emotional Arson – F*ck it, Light a Match

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In Sex Love and Obesity Part 22 I introduced you to the concept of Dysfunctional Dissociation. Meaning, several different parts of me are making different decisions at different times and it's not working out well. I’m not always in agreement with those decisions. It had been about three weeks since I left the apartment with Peter in it. Three weeks of constant arguing with Peter over the phone and text messages [...]

11 02, 2019

Sex Love and Obesity Part 22 – Dysfunctionally Dissociative

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Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder and Dysfunctional Dissociation  When we left off in Sex Love and Obesity Part 21, my entire life when it came to sex, love and decisions that involved those two things was unraveling at the seams. Every part of me was going in a different direction. Each part of me wanted something distinctly different. If you read my Dissociative Identity Disorder - Six Women One Mind blog, you'll understand [...]

4 02, 2019

Grief. Recovering from aftershocks.

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Grief can literally knock the wind right out of you. Grief is a hard emotion to deal with. Dealing with loss is difficult, we all do it in our own way. The strange thing about grief is that it sneaks up on you in little ways you're not expecting. When it does, it can knock the breath right out of you. This past Friday afternoon I found myself huddled on the floor [...]