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13 03, 2019

Sex, Love and Obesity Part 26 – Why Didn’t You Fight For Me?

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When we left of in Sex, Love and Obesity part 25 I was at a place where I began to recognize the pattern. Having too many loose threads in my life and too many possible love interests was making my already difficult struggle regaining control of my Dissociative Identity Disorder even harder. Although I recognized the pattern, fixing it wasn’t as easy as it would seem. For me to start tying up loose ends, parts of [...]

4 03, 2019

Sex Love and Obesity Part 25 – Unraveling At The Seams

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In Sex, Love and Obesity Part 24 I discussed a relapse into my pleasure-seeking behaviors that happened while I was at a weight loss convention in Portland trying to deal with all the loose strings that existed in my life. Think of the life you live as a sweater that you wear. Mine had a lot of loose strings. If I didn't find a way to deal with them surely one of them was [...]