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Checking off the Psych Requirements

Writing here is turning out to be harder than I thought, it seems I’m just in go go go mode constantly and by the time I wind down the last thing I want to do is sit here and blog about everything I just finished doing. However, it is important to me to share my journey with anyone that wants to read about it, and so, here I am.

So I had my appointment with the Psychologist on the 26th, there wasn’t much to it at all, I drove into downtown Portland by myself, which is new for me. I’ve lived in Portland for 7 years and never driven downtown, Jason has always driven, and it just intimidates me. But Jason couldn’t take the day off work to take me, so there wasn’t much choice.

The weekend before my appointment Jason and I decided to make the trip downtown, to figure out where the building was so that I knew exactly where I was going, where I would need to park and all that. We stopped into a shoe store to pick up my new walking shoes too, that was strange. I’m always embarrassed to go into a place like a running store, or an athletic store. It’s like I just know that when I walk in there they are going “Yeah right, like this bitch is gonna walk let alone run.” I always feel out of place, but when the saleswoman asked what I needed the shoes for I was pretty upfront and honest “I need to start a walking program as a prerequisite for weight loss surgery.” She was extremely helpful and very nice, very excited for me. They put me on a treadmill and had me walk so that they could check my gait, then measured my feet, and much to my surprise my foot is actually too wide for women’s walking shoes. I wonder if my feel will get smaller when I lose weight? Hmm… Anyways I got new walking shoes, boys shoes, because they were wide enough, and I must admit, they have made a huge huge difference.

Anyhow, Monday morning I drove to the Psychologist appointment. I met the doctor briefly, and then I was set down at a desk where I had to fill in little bubbles on a scantron sheet, there were 500 questions that I had either multiple answers to choose from or had to decide if the answer was true or false as it applies to me. The funny part was, and I swear to god this is true, the desk they sat me down at to take the test, and two unopened, individually wrapped, moon pies on it! I couldn’t help but wonder if that was part of the test, you know, does she take a moon pie and eat it while she is taking the test? Does she steal one? Does she move them out of sight to not be tempted by them? Or maybe it was sheer coincidence and I’m reading too much into it, who knows for sure.

That was it for the first appointment with the Psychologist, I go back in two weeks once they have the results from my tests and have an appointment with her for an hour, so we’ll see what comes of that.

I need to call and get my doctor to order the sleep study titration that my Doctor wants me to have done, after that and the appointment with the Psychologist on the 9th I am pretty much done. Thank goodness, all these doctor’s appointments are starting to get to me.

Blood Sugars from 7/15-7/29

A couple members of my Family were asking about my blood sugars so I figured I would share the actual numbers that I’ve been hitting the last two weeks to give them an idea where I stand. This will seem pretty boring to anyone that’s not extremely interested in diabetes and blood sugars, so for that I apologize!

Date Time Blood Sugar 70/30 R
15-Jul 1:05 AM 261 60U 12U
15-Jul 4:21 AM 156   —  —
15-Jul 9:46 AM 87   —  —
15-Jul 1:21 PM 198 60U 6U
15-Jul 4:30 PM 145 30U  —
15-Jul 10:30 PM 171 60U 6U
16-Jul 9:40 AM 164 60U 6U
16-Jul 1:51 PM 119 50U  —
16-Jul 3:06 PM 116   —  —
16-Jul 10:42 PM 188 30U 4U
17-Jul 3:21 AM 202 40U 4U
17-Jul 12:11 PM 145 50U  —
17-Jul 5:23 PM 124 50U  —
17-Jul 11:13 PM 97 50U  —
18-Jul 4:08 AM 166 50U 6U
18-Jul 10:14 AM 129 50U 6U
18-Jul 3:45 PM 188 50U 6U
18-Jul 6:53 PM 71
18-Jul 7:04 PM 87
18-Jul 11:54 PM 213 50U 8U
19-Jul 10:45 AM 131 50U
19-Jul 2:00 PM 153 50U 6U
19-Jul 8:25 PM 107 50U
20-Jul 1:30 AM 121 50U
20-Jul 10:44 AM 133 50U
20-Jul 1:17 PM 125 40U
20-Jul 9:57 PM 198 40U
21-Jul 3:44 PM 147 40U
21-Jul 7:07 PM 189 40U 6U
21-Jul 9:00 PM 77
21-Jul 9:43 PM 97
22-Jul 12:28 AM 165 30U 6U
22-Jul 11:38 AM 120 30U
22-Jul 3:57 PM 131 30U
22-Jul 11:33 PM 198 30U 6U
23-Jul 2:30 AM 133 30U
23-Jul 5:56 PM 86   —
24-Jul 3:46 AM 148 30U
24-Jul 10:41 AM 99 30U
24-Jul 8:12 PM 110 30U
25-Jul 12:57 AM 187 30U 6U
25-Jul 10:00 AM 80 30U
25-Jul 8:04 PM 124 30U
26-Jul 4:08PM 195 30U 6U
26-Jul 11:04 PM 152 30U
27-Jul 2:24 PM 164 30U
27-Jul 5:18 PM 135 30U
28-Jul 12:52 AM 158 30U 6U
28-Jul 11:36 AM 148 30U
28-Jul 6:53 PM 104 30U
28-Jul 9:25 PM 96 30U
29-Jul 1:23 AM 123 30U
29-Jul 11:51 AM 98 30U
29-Jul 7:04 AM 106 30U  

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