Guest Blog by:
“How Do YOU Celebrate Success Contest Winner”
Dawn Brell

DSSDawn001On the eve of the start of my 20 week training I am wanting to let everyone know how things are going. So far the walking has been a good start. I did make it to onederland in that time. Although literally at nearly the last-minute of the goal I set for myself. It felt good to finally make that goal although it took longer than I wanted and predicted. My thoughts on the journey I am about to embark on are many. I am quite nervous. I still have been unable to shake the worry over my pace. I am constantly wanting to go farther and faster. I know that in time it will come and likely not on the schedule I want. I am working on being ok with that. I am also scared because I know that I am going to have aches and pains probably. I am not a pain person. My tolerance is low and after having chronic pain the last few years due to my weight it is a concern that I could go back to that. But I have great/very smart sponsors who will be advising me along the way. So I am hopeful that it will be nothing to worry about.

DSS0002I would like to say a big thank you to Anita at Pace Setter Athletic for the help with figuring out my gait and what shoes would be best for me. I have never run before and found myself overwhelmed with the selection and prices of running shoes. I was able to send her a video of me walking in the different shoes I bought and was able to return the ones that were not correct for me. It is amazing what can be done with technology and the advice of the pros.

DSS0001My recommendation to anyone looking to do what Pandora and I are about to embark on would be to get all the expert help that you can. The great people at Pace Setter Athletic, Celebrate Vitamins,Kays Naturals, and Ameriwell Bariatrics would be glad to help. They have great advice, support and products to help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself and I am glad to have all of their help.

I am sure that our journey is going to have many twists and turns and I am ready to get started!!!!


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