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25 06, 2018

Sex Love and Obesity Part 8

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In Sex Love and Obesity part 7 we left of with Superman being an unattainable man in my life, me being unwilling to tell him the truth because now that I had lost all my weight for the second time in my life I was plagued with the excess skin issues that still made me uncomfortable with my own body. It is amazing, the shift that happens after you lose so much weight. I always [...]

18 06, 2018

The Obesity Rebel Challenge

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If you follow me on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you probably already know about the Obesity Rebel Challenge. If you don’t follow me on social media, you should, follow the link I just gave you and take care of that. But I want to take a moment out of the Sex Love and Obesity blog series to talk to you about the Obesity Rebel Challenge, why it is important to me [...]

17 06, 2018

Sex Love and Obesity Part 7

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In the last episode of Sex Love and Obesity (Part 6 - Finding the "u" in weight loss) - I introduced you to the man I loved before my husband. I think we need to give him a name. In the spirit of protecting the innocent (and the guilty) I’m going to call him Clark. Why Clark? Because to this day, he is still my Superman. Let’s pick up where the story left off. He [...]

12 06, 2018

Sex Love and Obesity Part 6

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Before we move on in this Sex Love and Obesity Series I need to roll back time a little bit and tell you about the guy before my husband. Sometimes I think that how a relationship starts determines very much how it will finish. This relationship started before my husband and I had become anything more than friends. It started with him having a free trial to the phone sex service I was working for [...]

6 06, 2018

How This Obesity Rebel Solves Her Vitamin Compliancy Issues

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With Summer quickly approaching, it’s time to take a break from my recent blog series “Sex Love and Obesity” and talk about something that this Obesity Rebel just really thinks you need to know exists. Vitamins delivered in the form of Watermelon goodness. Let me tell you something about me. My name is Pandora, I’m an RNY Gastric bypass patient and while I am supposed to take my vitamins on a regular basis to avoid [...]