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16 09, 2010

Insurance Approval in two days!

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Wow things are going so fast now! I got approved to send to the Surgeon on the 8th of September and they called me and set up an appointment for the 13th and I was so excited because I thought, wow that was quick. Then suddenly I had a tentative surgery date for the 19th of October, and they said they would call and let me know when they got the pre-approval from the insurance. [...]

13 09, 2010

Pre-Operative Consult – Gastric Bypass Surgery

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I had my pre-opt consultation with the surgeon today. My surgeons name is Dr. Cagle with Southwest Medical Group Surgical Specialists in Vancouver, WA. Dr. Cagle spent a good deal of time with us discussing the surgery, going over the risks, and basically making sure that Jason and I both understood the procedure and making sure that we didn’t have any questions. Most of what she discussed I remembered from the Seminar that she had [...]

10 09, 2010

My Weight Loss Surgery Cordinator

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The one person that I just really have to mention here though is my weight loss surgery coordinator Cathy Gier. This woman has been quintessential to my journey so far. I have to laugh, and I hope Cathy does too, because gosh, when I first started this we sure didn’t get off on the right foot. Looking back now I find the whole thing sort of funny really. When I first called Cathy to get [...]

8 09, 2010

Two Month Follow Up!

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I had my two month follow-up visit with the Physician at SWMC today. Really the only thing I needed to accomplish in the last thirty days to make sure that I could move forward was losing four pounds. I did better than that, I lost twenty! That puts me at 349! I guess I should not be nearly as excited by that as I am, but when I started this back in June I hadn’t [...]