I had my two month follow-up visit with the Physician at SWMC today. Really the only thing I needed to accomplish in the last thirty days to make sure that I could move forward was losing four pounds. I did better than that, I lost twenty! That puts me at 349! I guess I should not be nearly as excited by that as I am, but when I started this back in June I hadn’t seen under 350 in so long that I was actually scared I’d never get there again. So while it is a small milestone, it is a milestone to be celebrated nonetheless.

There wasn’t much else to today’s appointment, though my day was jam packed and full; I also had an appointment with my gynecologist today to get my annual done. This meant that I had to drive into down town Portland on my own again, as Jason couldn’t take the whole day off. Once again we mapped out my route and drove it the weekend before, and of course I did fine getting there. Though it has absolutely nothing to do with this, I will say that my gynecologist is Elizabeth Newhall from Downtown Gynecology and this woman is amazing! Absolutely amazing! I’d go as far as to say that she is hands down the best gynecologist in Portland. I had the luck of getting in to see her back when I first moved to Portland and was having female problems back with Jason and I were first married and she was the one that finally took all the pain I was in because of my menstrual cycle very seriously. She diagnosed me with endometriosis, which several of the women in my family had also had and ended up doing a partial laparoscopic hysterectomy. Not too long after that she stopped taking new patients and you could only get in to see her if you were already a patient. Back then she was working for a woman’s clinic in Portland, but several years ago now she started her own practice. Today when I saw her I think we talked more about my upcoming gastric bypass then we did about the parts of me that she was going to be looking at, and as always I felt like Dr. Newhall had my best interests at heart. She made sure I had all the right questions to ask my surgeon, and encouraged me to make sure that I asked whatever I needed to be comfortable and make sure that I had the best.  I adore this woman, I’ll be adding a link to her website to this page just for any girls that might be in the Portland area and need a new gynecologist.

So since Dr. Weaver signed off on for me to move forward today I think this is probably the last time that I will be seeing her, which in a way make me very sad, I’m very fond of her and really wish I could keep her as part of my team of doctors. She is such a little ball of fire, and really, she took me from having all these problems that and issues that needed to be addressed before I could move forward to the surgeon to being ready to go and did it all in just two months! I’m amazed at what she has helped me accomplish just with my blood sugars alone. Of course there are some other people that have been instrumental in my success. One of those people has been my nutritionist, Anne Hagerty, who did a very good job of making sure I was eating enough to have the energy I needed to exercise and kept me in a place where I never felt like I was starving. There is someone else I really have to credit for their participation in my journey, but this woman deserves a post all her own and I’ll write more about her tomorrow. For now, I’ll be waiting anxiously for the phone to ring so that I can schedule my consultation with the surgeon!