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29 09, 2012

DSS:E001 Desperately Seeking Slenders First Episode

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 Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 001 The First Episode of Desperately Seeking Slender. Join me on my journey in life after weight loss as I pursue helping others achieve the same things I did through sharing my experiences with them. Be gentle this is my first time on camera doing a show and I'm fidgeting and nervous. I'll get better as we go! Desperately Seeking Slender Episode 001 on YouTube

29 09, 2012

Happy 5th Surgiversary to a WLS Community Leader

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Once in a while someone in this community touches you in a way that they never realize. There are people in the weight loss surgery community that will amaze you at every turn, and too often we don’t recognize them or thank them for everything that we do. About 2.5 years ago I was pre-op and somehow had found myself on a website that served as a community support group for Weight Loss Surgery patients. [...]

29 09, 2012

I am not what happened to me.

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Chris Powell posted this quote today on Facebook and after a long conversation with my Mother, who I still chose to continue to not speak to on any regular basis until she can be a healthy part of my life, this quote just touched a spot in me. We'll just file this under "relationship issues" and leave it at that. Exercise: So let’s see, in the gym today… I did (2) 33 minute Elliptical workouts on [...]

28 09, 2012

You Are Not Alone

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  I’m not changing the title of this blog because this is what I started today with. I’m usually not one to feel sorry for myself, but let’s be honest here, as far as the “Family” and “Friends” department goes, I've been let down a lot lately. I don’t talk much about Family drama, it’s something that has been a part of my life since I was a little girl, but lately I have decided that my [...]

26 09, 2012

A Wow Moment in the Gym

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  When I first started this blog my intention was to be brutally honest with people out there about some of the parts of the weight loss journey that people don’t talk about. As I started getting deeper and deeper into the journey myself I started to realize why people don’t talk about some of these things honestly and openly; because they are embarrassing. Because they are things that we don’t particularly like to admit [...]

25 09, 2012

Chris Powell Responds to my Letter

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I was going to write a blog today about this amazing experience I had in the gym yesterday…. But then I woke up this morning to A Letter from Chris Powell, and well, I will just have to share that amazing gym experience later, but it’s now on my list of things to blog about! Imagine my surprise when the first thing I see this morning when I log into Facebook is… Chris Powell [...]

23 09, 2012

What a week for Seeking Slender

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There is so much stuff going on in my life I really have no clue where to begin sometimes. I might have some really exciting news regarding the Desperately Seeking Slender Fundraiser but I don’t want to announce it until everything is official. But Heather and Ashli have been working hard at seeing who they could get to sponsor our Fundraiser and who they might be able to get to donate and it looks like [...]

18 09, 2012

P!nk has me reminiscing

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  I hate it when I’m so easily distracted by something that I have to stop and write about it, but I just sort of think when the mood strikes you go with it.   It’s still Monday for me, even though it is really Tuesday it’s 2am and I haven’t slept yet, which is nothing new, I keep very strange hours being the night owl that I am, I imagine that will have to [...]

15 09, 2012

Things I want both Personal and Professional

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Okay, first of all let me just say that I have not neglected to post lately, because I’ve been making an honest commitment to post more. I’ve been very busy as of late working on some VERY big plans. In fact I was working on these big plans when I just had to stop to write a blog post about this new thing I found that I just ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE. Like I want one [...]

4 09, 2012

Post WLS Obsessions and Goal Weight Ranges

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Some obsessions are dangerous. Like sometimes, being as obsessed about reaching your goals as I am can make something that shouldn’t be a huge life ending issue a seriously emotionally traumatic event for me. So my three worst obsessions: My obsession with having a “Normal” BMI and my “Goal” Weight of 149lbs My obsession with the scale and my inability to deal with weight fluctuations My obsession with what “I think I should weigh”.   [...]