Okay, first of all let me just say that I have not neglected to post lately, because I’ve been making an honest commitment to post more. I’ve been very busy as of late working on some VERY big plans. In fact I was working on these big plans when I just had to stop to write a blog post about this new thing I found that I just ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE. Like I want one of these things so bad I can hardly take it… It’s called and ElliptiGO and … oh my god, I am in love.

So let me just tell you why I am so excited about this thing. First of all the Elliptical is my favorite cardio machine to use in any gym, it’s low impact high cardio exercise and honestly, you’ll burn more calories on an Elliptical than you will on a treadmill unless you are running every single time. Second, I love to run. It’s been a passion of mine for about the last year or so, and I love outside running more than I love treadmill running. Third, I’ve wanted a bike for a while now. In fact, I had originally asked for one for my birthday and it sort of got overlooked with all the other stuff going on and especially since I’ve got large chunks of time that I can’t really exercise during right now as I recover from surgery just in time to get in a few weeks of exercise before I sign up for the next one. We, won’t even talk about that right now or the fact that I am vicariously getting my exercise thrill through online shipping for fitness equipment as I put together the business plan for a new business venture I am starting-up in 2013. Back to the ElliptiGO … This thing is like my dream machine! It adds three of my favorite things together at once and really this thing is just… you know when you were a little kid that thing you just wanted Santa to put under your Christmas tree more than anything in the world? Yeah this is my thing; The ElliptiGO.

The ElliptiGO

I want! I want! I want! The ElliptiGO !!!

I can’t tell you how freaking bummed I am because they literally JUST had a contest called ElliptiGO Change + Inspire where they gave one of these things away and had I find out about them like a month earlier I totally would have entered this contest. Saddest face ever. But whoever wins is a really lucky person! Maybe they will do another contest like this! Gosh I hope so, me spending $1700-$2700 on something like this isn’t something I can justify when I can’t even afford the $1600 I need to get the ACE Certifications that I need to become a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. But I have a play for that… stay tuned for more information about that soon!

But OoooOOo that ElliptiGO, Man, I’d put a little carry basket on the front of that thing and I’d ride all around town on it. Save the souls of your running shoes, I just can’t even imagine how much fun they would be. I’m going to go to one of their retail store locations and look at them, I just have to, and I’m going to have to find some way to work one of these into my future. Strangely enough after I found this and looked up their local retailers, the one closest to me happens to be a company whose website I was on all night long as I shopped for equipment that I am going to need for my new business. Is that a coincidence? One never knows.

Oh did any of you notice that new section that got added up at the top of the website that says “DSS Personal Training” You should totally check it out. I have big goals for 2013 and they don’t just include me! You’ll be hearing lots about how I’m working hard to not only continue my Weight Loss Journey, but to start to become a part of others. I always knew that if I was successful in getting my weight off that I’d find a way to help other people do it as well, I remember how desperate I was for help and how nobody was there to help me. Being alone in my endeavors seems to have sort of been the constant theme of my life until just recently. For the first time in my life I have a really nice group that supports me, though they are all located throughout the country and it’s hard that more of them are not here with me. But emotional support wasn’t the only thing I needed along my journey. I needed financial support, and really, other than Tom who was able to wave the loan payments on a loan that he helped me with several years ago so that I could put that money into helping keep the bills paid while I focused on weight loss and everything life was handing me over the last two years, nobody ever helped me. That was about the time I wrote my “Crossing Bridges” Blog post and when it clicked and I figured where I wanted to go and what I wanted to work on in 2012 to get there, and so far, I think I’ve done a pretty good job, I’ve achieved several of the things I talked about needing to do first in that blog post.

I wrote letter after letter to people begged for help. I wrote Oprah, I wrote Dr. Phil, I wrote Ellen, I wrote Chris Powell, I applied for the Biggest Loser, I applied for Extreme Make-Over Weigh Loss Addition, heck in the very beginning of my journey I wrote a very long letter to one of the most well-known women in the Gastric Bypass Community Online and you know… Not one person I ever reached out to asking for help ever reached back. Not that I didn’t get there on my own, or get pretty close anyways, because hey I’m not at my goal weight yet, not by a long shot, but I’ve lost over 250lbs and I know I will get there with determination and work, and I’m only not there yet because I keep getting taken out of commission for 8 weeks + at a time several times along my journey.

I need to make sure that I find a way to help other people reach their goals. I need to make sure that I can do for others what wasn’t done for me. I have big goals, I don’t JUST want to be a personal trainer. I want to inspire people, I want to host events that people can participate in, I want to fundraise for people, help those who are not as lucky as I was with medical insurance be able to get these lifesaving surgeries and emotionally necessary skin removal & body restoration surgeries. I know how desperate I was for help, so I know how desperate others are as well, and THAT is what Desperately Seeking Slender is going to be about.