So you’ve had your Gastric Bypass. You are a year and a half out of surgery and you are sitting at the computer reading about a new delicious recipe from someone that has an amazing talent in the kitchen. You know, you’re visiting a site like The World According to Eggface or Bariatric Foodie and suddenly, out of nowhere, your stomach growls.

You remember that sensation don’t you? Of course you do, if you were anything like me you were probably more in tune with your stomach than you were all your no-no parts. If you are anything like me, this is where the panic set in. My thoughts were instantly filled with my early post op day panic and my thoughts were racing. What should I do? Should I eat or treat it like training a dog and ignore it hoping that it gets the message that this is not acceptable behavior. Should I eat? When did I eat last? Is my body trying to tell me something? Did my pouch like JUST stretch, OH MY GOD Will it stretch every time my stomach growls and get bigger and bigger and oh no! I’ll get bigger and bigger…. I should call my surgeon! I should just dial 911 my stomach is growling this is an emergency!

It’s okay. Take a deep breath. I’m here six months later now and guess what… my numbers are still down from what I was 6 months ago but the numbers are still going down. 6 months ago I weighed 195lbs today I weight 159lbs and those numbers are still wonderful to me. My biggest goal at 420lbs was to get to Onderland. Onderland has been my “Happy Place” for a very long time. I’ve always had a sort of Fondness of Alice, Lewis Carroll and the Wonderland characters. So when I learned that Onderland meant weighing under 200lbs, well let’s just say I plan to have several Onderland themed tattoos done when my last skin removal surgery is complete this year.

As I sit here this morning contemplating going back to bed I laugh as my stomach starts to growl. “Shuddup, sleep first, and then I’ll take a protein bar and a banana to the gym with me when I get back up.” I tell it. Yeah I talk to my pouch, so what, that little diva has been good to me and if I have to talk to her like a house plant to make us both feel better, so be it.

The biggest thing that I have learned through my weight loss journey thus far is that no matter what happens, I am the one that is in control of what I eat and what I put in my mouth. I am the one responsible for it and my weight will hold me accountable for it. I don’t let my hunger control me, I control it. Like right now… my mind has calmed and I know I can fall asleep. Time for a little more rest, which reminds me of a great article Celebrate Vitamins shared on their Facebook Page this morning about adequate sleep being related to weight loss.

Yeah I’m going to get a couple more hours I think.