I’m sitting in the airport on my way to Dallas and the OAC Convention. But as I do, I have a new giveaway for you guys to sign up for.

My  Sponsor, NW Fitness, was supposed to give me a t-shirt or something to wear to advertise for them at the OAC Convention that I am leaving for tomorrow., but Jeff didn’t have time to get anything like that made for me, so instead, we decided that instead of giving ME something to wear…. we’d give YOU something to work out with!

So here are the details…

In celebration of the first annual OAC Convention we’re going to give away something that would have let anyone attending the convention the opportunity to work out in their hotel room if they had it to pack with them! A Travel Pack of Resistance Bands. The box has three Spri Resistance bands in it. A door mount anchor, a travel case and a DVD to workout too. Retail Value is $49.99. Thank you Jeff and NW Fitness for being so awesome all us Slender Seekers.

So needless to say I’m pretty excited, I love giving stuff away and I’m super excited to see who wins. So here are the rules.

This is me standing outside Northwest Fitness with YOUR new resistance band trainer kit!

In order to quality you must like Desperately Seeking Slender, NW Fitness, and Obesity Action Coalition on Facebook ( If you do not LIKE ALL three on Facebook you will be disqualified even if you are selected)

Of course as usual there are other chances to win.

  • Follow Desperately Seeking Slender on Twitter
  • Follow Northwest Fitness on Twitter
  • Follow OAC on Twitter
  • Tweet About the Contest
  • Share the Contest on Facebook
  • Write A Blog About the Contest

IF You are attending the OAC Convention that we’ll be at in Dallas from Thursday October 25th – October 28th and you meet me be sure to ask me for a business card from my sponsor with a number on the back that you can use as an extra entry! As me for my card too for a second opportunity to win!

You will need to return to this blog page and leave a comment for each different entry. That means on this page guys, if you do 4 of the things on the “Other Chances” list, you need to leave an additional comment for each one in order to get the extra entry!

Those are the rules! The contest will run four weeks month the day I leave for the Convention. Entries will be accepted until 12:00am PST Wed. November 21, 2012 and the winner will be announced by 6pm PST Wed November 21, 2012.

Anyone at all can enter, so long as you LIKE all THREE – Desperately Seeking Slender, NW Fitness and Obesity Action Coalition on Facebook.

OAC Convention Attendees, Speakers, Members, Members Guests, heck even if you work for the OAC, the Hotel, or a Vendor or something, enter, enter, enter! I’m an equal opportunity gift giver and so is my Sponsor!

HJ is sleeping in the airport chair next to me, which are the most comfy Laptop/iPad/iPhone friendly chairs ever!

Time for me to get ready to board and get a little shut eye myself

And the Winner Selected by Random Generator is: Joy Muller! Yay! Joy please make sure you come back and let us know what you think of the Spri Resistant Training Band Set and be sure to send a special thank you note to my Sponsor NW Fitness!