My friend Michelle Mata, who I met at the OAC’s First Inaugural Your Weight Matters Convention, shared a video on Facebook the other day that really inspired what I am about to write. Michelle thank you for being my late night Facebook muse. The video is titled  Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

So imagine this with me for a moment…

I climbed out of bed and as I saw the sun shining through the small slits of my mini blinds I thought to myself, “Oh the sun is out and it must be a beautiful day outside, perfect for a run!.” I rushed around my room gathering the essentials and then rushed into the bathroom to start getting ready. As I stood in front of the mirror and began to get dressed for my run, I was so overwhelmed with inspiration for my day that I broke into theatrical song as I pulled on my running capris and slid that sports bra over my head…


My Face Paint at the OAC Convention in Dallas done at the Walk From Obesity. This was a very happy day for me so I decided it was a good picture to go with this post. 🙂

“I love myself, I love my friends, I love eyes, I love my smile, I lost two hundred and seventy pounds, and I think I am amazing! I’m a survivor and I am strong, and I didn’t let those mean old fudders- beat me! I like, Heather and Tora and I like Joy and Rain and ALL OF my WLS friends … And I love my Daddy even though he’s gone, and I love singing this silly song. I love being this happy! And I like being proud of what I have done! And I like running! and I like exercising! and I like being on Facebook! And I like InstaGrams pictures! And I like Twitter and I like Pinterest and I love that I have a job that I can do from home even if I hate what I am doing! But someday I am going to be a Personal Trainer! And I will help make other people so happy that they too break out in this theatrical song of affirmation each morning as they get ready for their day and it makes them feel as amazing as it makes me feel. Because  can do ANYTHING that I believe I can do and today I will do something that I couldn’t have done before! And I LOVE that I CAN DO THAT!”

Now please tell me my weight loss surgery friends that there is not a part of you smiling right now, thinking “Man I wish I felt that good about my life right now?” or such smiling at the idea of someone you know in this community having a day like that?

It reminds me of those scenes in movies like Ferris Buller’s Day off where he’s jumping on his bed playing his guitar like a rock star. I think there was a scene like that in Home Alone too. Those scenes always made me smile, I always thought, man I wanna feel that good.

I find it very interesting sometimes, that when you really start to break it down, the things I really want the most today are not that different from the things I really wanted when I was teenager…

  • I want a nice home with nice things
  • I want a someone to love me the way they love each other in the movies.
  • I want to experience the kind of romance I read about.
  • I want to get paid to do something I love doing.
  • I want to help people.
  • I want to be important to someone.
  • I want to be spoiled.
  • I want to have good friends,

it’s very interesting to me how sometimes when we break t down, the things we want are so simple.

Now its New Years Eve and it is REALLY time for me to work on my New Years Resolutions and Goals list.

I know that one of my goals is going to be to wake up each morning with a positive affirmation. I doubt I will be able to break out into broadway song as if I were a Glee star, and with the way I sing, my household will likely be grateful. But I can try to wake up each day and take a moment to have a positive thought about myself. Hmm I need to go see if there is an App for this!