photoI met a fellow blogger friend yesterday named Nicole, her website is Beauty and the Bypass and she is one of those people who I just know I’ll be friends with for years to come. Something about her just clicked. A lot of people have asked me how I know so early on that someone is going to be a huge part of my life. I always go back to a quote from an old Christian Slater movie, “I don’t make sense, you don’t make sense, together we make sense.” That is the best way I can describe the feeling I have had when I have met women like Tora, my chosen sister, Heather, Ashli, Joy, Rain, there is something about each of these women that resonated with me and the moment I met them it felt like I had known them for years. That’s how I felt yesterday with Nicole.

I’ve been going through a lot of emotional stuff lately. I’m not sure where it all came from, but I am defiantly realizing that even when you think you have your head on straight sometimes some emotions from your past can sneak up on you and really throw you for a loop.

A few women that I respect in the WLS community have pointed out to me in the last several days how astute I am when it comes to recognizing my feelings, understanding where my emotions are coming from and my ability to as I call it “own my baggage.”

184cf9ce6da911e2a98422000a9f1513_7When Nicole and I were having lunch the other day we were talking about why each one of us started our blogs, what our intentions were and what we were trying to accomplish and no surprise to me we found that what we had in common was that both of us wanted to help others through our stories and both of us felt that if we were able to do that for just a few readers, we’d be happy.

I think, that once again, someone else has helped give me the perspective I needed to see this. I’ve been very stressed out about so much stuff and what I really need to remember is that if it’s too stressful for me, then I have likely taken on too much and need to hit the brakes and see where I can relieve some of the emotional pressure.

For all of February I am not going to pressure myself to blog, I am going to write when I have something I want to say and I am going to spend a month committed to focusing on working on things that get me towards one of my three main goals this year. Become a Personal Trainer. Run a Half Marathon and become a new home owner.

Each day of the week I will do something that is working on one of these three goals. My challenge to myself for February is to love myself enough to make sure I am working on my goals each day. I’ll be following up and posting about my Desperately Seeking Slender February Challenge to do something to love yourself each day of the month. #WLSValenMine is the hash-tag I will be using.

Today, I start by creating this challenge. Not stressing out as I wait to hear from the mortgage broker about what comes next, and tonight in my bubble bath I will be looking up half marathon training programs and working out how I am going to go about this half marathon run I want to do. But I sort of have an idea in the works. I’ll let you know soon.