So I made a deal with myself that I was going to spend February loving myself and doing things that I feel will help propel me towards my three main goals for this year;

  • Become a Personal Trainer
  • Run a Half Marathon
  • Become a first time Home Buyer.

7e0a3bfe6e4f11e2a30c22000a1f9683_7As part of the first two I’ve recently started changing up my exercise a bit and going from being solely a cardio queen to trying to incorporate other aspects of exercise into my routine so that I can start to build some upper body strength and work on learning and appreciating my new body.

So last week I observed a yoga class sitting in the back of the room and though to myself, “There is no way my body would move that way it all feels way too tight for that.” I was amazed when I snuck into the privacy of my own bedroom where nobody could see me and tried a “downward facing dog” position and was shocked when I could do it. That courage and realization lead to me trying a lot of new things in the last week.

The following night, Thursday, I tried a Pilates class and was shocked when I managed to do almost everything the instructor told me too and lasted the entire hour of the class even after running a 5k on the treadmill right before.

I tried several new machines in the gym this week including the Stairmaster, an Adaptive Motion Trainer Elliptical, a new style treadmill and a chest press and shoulder press machine. I was really proud of myself.

My training week goes from Sunday-Thursday and then I take Friday and Saturday as my rest days.

Sunday I did a 5k on the treadmill with a time of 42:70 with the treadmill set to a 1.0 incline. Then I did 10 minutes on the Stairmaster and 33 minutes on the Elliptical with a distance of 2.62 miles. According to the machines I burned 778 Calories.

Monday I did a 5k on the treadmill with a time of 42.21 with the treadmill set to a 1.0 incline. Then I did 33 minutes on an Adaptive Motion Trainer Elliptical with a distance of 2.80 miles. I swam 6.5 laps in the pool. According to the machines I burned 722 Calories.


Tuesday I did two 33 minutes sessions on the Elliptical. The first was a total distance of 2.67 with a calorie burn of 327. The second was a total distance of 2.77 miles and a calorie burn of 345. Between the Elliptical sessions I did some strengthening and toning:

  • 2 Bench Dips, 5 Reps Chest Press, 8 Reps Chest Press, 3 Bench Dips, 3 Should Press Squats.
  • 9 Reps Chest Press, 3 Reps Should Press, 2 Shoulder Press Squats, 5 Shoulder Press Squats, 8 Bench Dips.
  • 8 Shoulder Press Squats, 6 Reps Chest Press, 2 Reps Shoulder Press, 10 Reps Shoulder Press, 6 Reps Shoulder Press.
  • 4 Bench Dips, 7 Shoulder Press Squats, 9 Bench Dips, 10 Reps Shoulder Press, 7 Reps Chest Press.
  • 10 Reps Chest Press, 10 Shoulder Press Squats, 10 Reps Shoulder Press, 4 Shoulder Press Squats, 11 Bench Dips, 5 Bench Dips.

Wednesday I was so so sore I didn’t know how I was going to manage to workout. I have one more day in the gym and today is another Low Impact Cardio / Strength and Toning day. I’m not sure what exercises I am going to do yet, but yesterday, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I dug down deep and I drug myself to the gym and swore I would at least get the last day of the 10K Trainer program in for the week since I don’t plan on doing treadmill running today; I got in there and did that.

Because I was exceptionally sore I promised not to overdo it today treat it as a short workout day. ( Meaning 30-45 minutes of Cardio instead of 60-70 ) – I did the 10K Trainer program which ended me up with 35.19 minutes of cardio and 2.5 miles. Then I did what I said I would… I tried Yoga, and I loved it.

42cf49a26c3411e2b3d922000a9f309f_7It’s been an entire week of me trying new things, spending a lot more time studying, a lot less time on the internet and you know what, I’m finding I am happier again. I’m thinking there is something too this less time online makes for a happier Pandora. I really haven’t been able to have any sort of stable routine since last October when I started traveling and now that I am starting to find my routine again I realize a couple of things I think I should note.

  1. I am happier when I am getting exercise.
  2. I am happier when I spend more time away from the computer than sitting at it.
  3. I function better when I have somewhat of a schedule and routine; I don’t do chaos well.
  4. Exercise works for me as an emotional outlet, life seems much more in perspective for me when I am getting my 1-2 hours a day of exercise in.

I have no clue what today’s exercises will be, I’ve looked a few arm exercises up online and I’m going to try another set of them with my trusty playing cards determining which exercise I do and how many Reps.

I finished the Kelly Armstrong book I was reading and now it is time to move on to the last book of a series I have been reading for going on ten yeas now. This reading a chapter in the hot tub, a chapter in the sauna and a chapter at home any time I take a bubble bath is turning out to get me a lot more reading time than I realized I had, and I still managed to have a very productive work week as well. \O/

I have started using a phrase “Exercise it out.” Basically it means that whatever is going on in me from a Wellness standpoint, whether it me physical, emotional, mental, social or spiritual aspects of my life, if something isn’t jiving or isn’t going quite right I can “exercise it out,” get whatever I’m feeling out-of-the-way, set it aside and figure out the best course of action. “Exercise it out,” my friends, it’s one of my keys to successful weight loss post RNY Gastric Bypass.