It started pouring rain here the day I got home from the hospital and I’m prone to pneumonia so Jason won’t let me walk in the rain. I’m only getting to walk up and down the hall in my little one bedroom apartment. I thought about going to the gym tomorrow and walking a slow mile on the treadmill but some wise friends here advised against it for a few more days. I’m going to ask the Doctor if I can at my post op follow up on the 27th. Until then I’m just pretty happy that I’ve been home for three days and I can already get all my protein vitamins and about 32oz of water in each day.

The one thing I can’t do is room temp liquids I can do warm like tea and soup and cold but room temp make me bring it right up. How weird is that?

I haven’t been hungry since the day of my surgery. Today was the first day that the smell of food did not make me a bit nauseous. I have been getting that “I want something” feeling but I’m replacing the old boredom eating habit with a hot tea habit. Decaf of course. It makes me feel spoiled and gets some of my fluids in. Win! Win!

I’ve had very little pain since my surgery on the 19th. Even the day after in the hospital, I was sorer than anything, I never really gave them over a 3 or 4 in the pain department.

Since getting home I haven’t experienced any real pain, in fact the IV site on my hand has hurt worse than any of my incisions.

Last night I started getting a sharp cramping feeling in my lower abdomen, very low, almost near the pelvic bone area. Started passing some major gas and felt better and pretty much assumed it was the gas pains I’ve heard so much about.

I woke up this morning at 6am to take my vitamins and I have that same sharp stabbing pain again.

I’m amazed that through all of this I have had so little pain and now it’s going to be the silly gas pains and need to fart that makes me feel so uncomfortable. I can’t handle the GasX Strips; I’m having a hard enough time with how terrible the vitamins all taste that I can’t stomach something else that tastes disgusting and medicine-y in my day.

I hate my chewable vitamins they taste nasty, I am having to dissolve my b-50 Complex in an ounce of Diet Cranberry Juice and it is still disgusting and medicine tasting, the B-12 sublingual is not THAT bad. The Liquid Vitamin D doesn’t taste but it leaves an oil residue in my mouth that feels nasty to me. The only part of my vitamins that are not horrid are the Lemon Calcium Chews and I’m spending 90 Calories a day on them to eat the ones that are more like Starburst candy then the disgusting mint explosion of Mylanta tasting crap in my mouth. But 90 Calories a day to have something like Candy is so worth it to me right now, I have to put far too much yucky tasting stuff in my mouth right now.