Before I go off on this little diatribe let me send you to the story that has my blood boiling today.


This story was brought to my attention by a member over at the Thinner Times Forum.

Unbelievable. I’ve been overweight most of my life. I’ve also been getting my nails done and getting pedicures since before I could drive a car, back when my mother used to drop me off at the salon with my girlfriends and pick us up hours later. Back when my mother used to go with me as little bi-weekly mother daughter adventure because I talked her into wearing acrylics.

I’ve gotten my nails done and gotten pedicures every other week for most of my adult life and an average day at the nail shop for me ranges anywhere from $50-$100 dollars depending on what all I decide to get done that week. You know sometimes I decide to add an eyebrow wax, some extra designs to my nails, a facial, what have you.

And that’s not even counting the tip I usually leave. I can tell you right now if my nail salon tried to take on an extra $5 charge because I’m overweight, they’d have one hell of a scene on their hands when I raised holy hell in that salon and made sure every person in there new that in addition to the $5 tip I just gave every girl that worked on me that day, they also thought they needed to charge another $5 because of my weight.

If I lived in the town that happened in I would be outside that salon right now with picket signs and encouraging every other woman in the community whose BMI qualified her as “overweight” to be doing the same. If you want to ruin your business and your reputation in my community over $5 dollars lady, rock on.

Oh the cliche` things I could say about $5 dollars – but I am not racist nor am I a bigot like the woman that owns the nail salon in question is.

There are some things I understand. I understand the airlines having to charge an overweight person for an additional seat when they infringe on the personal space of the person sitting next to them and cause the airline to have to have an empty seat next to them. I understand that there are times that my weight and my size affect those around me and I understand there having to be situations where that costs us more money. Heck I pay more for larger clothes, for better quality furniture that can handle my weight, all sorts of things, but something like this, where it is all about discriminating against someone with no real purpose at all. That’s just infuriating to me.

If you ask me all this woman did was make an utter fool of herself, and probably lost herself a great deal of business in the process. I sure hope so, I can promise I would never do any business at her shop again, and I doubt many in the Weight Loss Surgery community would either.