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28 09, 2013

Utah Football Coach Teaches Anti-bullying and Human Decency

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Every once in a while I just have to stop, put my hands together and applaud, especially when I see someone taking a stand an anti-bullying stand. I'm a huge advocate when it comes to weight bias and bullying, it is a cause I will stand up and fight passionately for. Nobody gets to stand there and pick on someone, make them feel bad or bully them with me around. Or at least, most accurately [...]

25 09, 2013

Emotional Clarity in my Weight Loss Journey – “I Feel Weak”

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I have had an epiphany. It happens. I have had that break through “ah-ha” moment when you FINALLY put your finger on a problem and go “Oh THAT’S it! THAT’S why this was bothering me.” The great thing about this moment is that once this clarity has arrived we have essentially arrived at the problem, knowing the problem allows us to start to map our destination, to plan for our imminent future; the solution. So [...]

19 09, 2013

Returning to Running – 10 weeks off 3 weeks on and happy

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So Monday started Week 03 of the #20Week2Tink Training Program we are doing leading up to our partition in the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend in Anaheim, CA. – Thanks to our Team Sponsors Dawn Brell, the winner of the [How do YOU Celebrate Success Contest] and I are participating in one of the neatest WLS Fitness oriented events we possibly could. Not only our we working together towards our goal of accomplishing this [...]

10 09, 2013

DISCOUNT COUPON Kiss Me Dirty Portland – Get Dirty With Me

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to make this startling announcement…. Pandora Williams is about to be a dirty girl! – It’s shocking, it’s blind blowing, it’s astonishing, and you’d never expect such a thing from me. Right?! – Ok who are we kidding, I have tattoos and purple hair and some of you know me way too good for me to play sweet and innocent. So let’s throw sweet and innocent out the window [...]

3 09, 2013

Realizing it is Bigger Than You – My PreTraining Headspace

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As a WLS Post-Op turned WLS Fitness Enthusiast there is nothing I love more than knowledge there are people out there that I encourage to move, that I motivate and inspire to get their fit on.  That little tidbit of information right there; that is the kick I live for. That is the moment that my brain hears “cha-ching” as the emotive payday comes rolling into my emotional bank account. My passion has always been [...]

2 09, 2013

WLS Fitness A Beginning Runners Thoughts

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  Guest Blog by:"How Do YOU Celebrate Success Contest Winner"Dawn BrellOn the eve of the start of my 20 week training I am wanting to let everyone know how things are going. So far the walking has been a good start. I did make it to onederland in that time. Although literally at nearly the last-minute of the goal I set for myself. It felt good to finally make that goal although it took longer than [...]